Friday, November 30, 2012 Videos

I've been impatiently waiting for Sophia to turn 14 months so I could post all the cute things she is doing and learning, but since I discovered (after 3 years) I can take videos on my laptop, I took some that I love so much and are so cute that I want to share them now.

In this video, Sophia does some "tricks". My favorite part (besides her adorable baby bangs) is when she gets mesmerized by her belly button.

 Tyler and Rachel might be getting sick of the pictures we keep sending them about how much Sophia loves the hat they got for her birthday, but she seriously LOVES it and wears it several hours a day. Every time she asks for it and we give it to her, she smiles and laughs like she is being reunited with a long lost friend.

In this video, Sophia goes and gets stuff. It's incredible how much she has learned and how much she understands. 

The video for this picture wouldn't load, but today during lunch Sophia kept signing "baby" over and over so I finally brought her baby to her. (She loves it almost as much as her hat) I was surprised when she started trying to feed her baby lunch! It was so cute - and then after a while, the baby became lunch while Sophia tried to eat her nose...
Now this is what I call a toothy grin!
This is a tickle game Russ plays with Sophia. I am so glad that he plays it with her now instead of me. I get a lot of anxiety about when he's actually going to strike!


Rachel said...

I love that baby! I missed her today!

Stinson Clan said...

Sophs! She is getting so big and cute!

Nikki said...

How do you teach her to sign? I think that's so cool.

Garrett and Krystal said...

So fun! She's learning so much!