Friday, November 30, 2012 Videos

I've been impatiently waiting for Sophia to turn 14 months so I could post all the cute things she is doing and learning, but since I discovered (after 3 years) I can take videos on my laptop, I took some that I love so much and are so cute that I want to share them now.

In this video, Sophia does some "tricks". My favorite part (besides her adorable baby bangs) is when she gets mesmerized by her belly button.

 Tyler and Rachel might be getting sick of the pictures we keep sending them about how much Sophia loves the hat they got for her birthday, but she seriously LOVES it and wears it several hours a day. Every time she asks for it and we give it to her, she smiles and laughs like she is being reunited with a long lost friend.

In this video, Sophia goes and gets stuff. It's incredible how much she has learned and how much she understands. 

The video for this picture wouldn't load, but today during lunch Sophia kept signing "baby" over and over so I finally brought her baby to her. (She loves it almost as much as her hat) I was surprised when she started trying to feed her baby lunch! It was so cute - and then after a while, the baby became lunch while Sophia tried to eat her nose...
Now this is what I call a toothy grin!
This is a tickle game Russ plays with Sophia. I am so glad that he plays it with her now instead of me. I get a lot of anxiety about when he's actually going to strike!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sophia's One Year Video

For Sophia's birthday, I wanted to organize all the videos from her year and put them on a DVD. I've been spending about 15 minutes of her naps for the past couple weeks watching the videos, naming them, and deciding which ones are actually worth preserving. That turned out to be really overwhelming, so when I saw my friend Ashley's video for her daughter, I decided a tribute video with short clips would be MUCH more manageable. Now I have a beautiful finished product to keep me satisfied until I finish the entire DVD.

Russ and I watched it last night and just kept looking at each other, not believing how much she has changed and grown. The only sad thing is I somehow deleted almost every video from the first month of Sophia's life. If I hadn't I would have begun the movie with the video that accompanied this picture:

Sophia just watched the video with me, and when it was over, she did the sign language and said, "Mo" for "more". I guess she liked it. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

13 Months and Walking!

I didn't plan on still writing a blog post every month now that Sophia is 1, but she is still changing and learning so much that I want to be sure and record everything! No more monthly photo shoots with the lion, though.
12 month stats - as of about 3 weeks ago
Weight: 20lb 10oz (58th percentile)
Height: 29.5" (55th percentile)

- The biggest change is that Sophia is WALKING! Since about her birthday she'd take 2 or 3 steps between the couch and the chair, but now she can walk from room to room. So far she still crawls most of the time, but she gets up on her own and walks a little more every day. She's adorably wobbly most the time and falls down a lot, but it doesn't bother her at all.
Wobbly Walking 
(the last 10 seconds are the best)

Walking Girl

- Still on basically the same schedule with 2 naps a day and sleeping around 12 hours at night. Her eating schedule has changed since turning one. She has 3 meals a day and 3 bottles a day. It took me a couple weeks to transition from formula to milk. I think it upset her stomach, and I know it changed her bowel movements. Our bank account and I are very happy that Sophia is a whole milk drinker now and seems to like it even better than formula. She also drinks water from her sippy cup and learned how to drink from a straw a couple weeks ago. She doesn't seem very interested in juice or in drinking milk from anything but a bottle.

- Signs: "all done" (this is her favorite one. She especially does it when we're shopping and she wants to get out of the cart), "milk", "please", "baby" and sometimes "more". I've been trying to teach her "thank you", "bear", "ball", and "eat" but not having much luck yet. I was tickling her on the airplane and she signed "all done". I tickled her again, and she signed "please all done". That was a proud mama moment for me.
Eating lunch and signing "milk" - her word for all food. You can kind of see her cute pig tails :)

- She understands when I ask her to sing and when I tell her it's time to "go bed" she shakes her head. She knows what it means when we fill the bathtub and gets so excited she kicks and squeals the whole way to the tub. If I ask her where a couple things are (like ball, binky, baby, bottle, book) she understands and gets them. Russ taught her to find our nose and our ears, and if you ask her where her belly button is, she tries to lift up her shirt and show you. She's also great at giving kisses.
 Sophia really likes her baby doll from Aunt Lissa.

- She basically isn't verbalizing anything except "mama" and finally occasionally says "dada" (except mama is milk most of the time and only sometimes me). Just last week she started saying "uh oh", but most of the time it's just "UH".

- When she wants something, she reaches for it and grunts. If she wants to share something, she holds it out and grunts. If I hand her something and grunt, she nods and takes it from me.  It's how we communicate. :)
Stealing Uncle Tyler's cookie

- Last week, Sophia and I flew to visit my parents in Virginia. We were very blessed and lucky to have an empty seat next to me for Sophia BOTH ways. She needed it because she's all over the place! As some strangers commented to me, she's "active" and "busy". So true. On both flights, she made friends with the people next to and behind us. She offered her snacks to them, showed them her toys, smiled at them endlessly, and played peek a boo with them. I decided she's not shy at all - as long as I was around. Overall she was just fine with all the new people, places, and things, but sometimes she cried unless I was holding her.
 Playing with Aunt Rachel

Wow. I realized I have taken lots of videos this month, but not that many pictures. I'll have to correct that for next month!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. It's so fun to decorate for and there's so much you can do in October! We did almost none of the exciting fall/Halloween things there are, but hey, it's still fun - in theory. Also, in kindergarten, Christmas and Halloween had the best crafts and art projects associated with them. Funny that in 2009, I dedicated a whole post to NOT being into Halloween.

Russ and I have had 5 married Halloweens together now. In that time, we've carved 0 pumpkins and dressed up 0 times. My favorite thing to do on Halloween is make frosted sugar cookies, and we've done that at least 3 times. Our friends hosted a Halloween party last night, though. It was really fun. We ate treats and played mafia. Rachel filled a glove with water, froze it, cut the glove off, and put it in the red punch bowl. It looked pretty awesome.

The very most wonderful thing about this Halloween was dressing up Sophia! I wholeheartedly believe she was the world's MOST ADORABLE black cat EVER. She couldn't have looked cuter, and except for the ears and tail, I already had everything for the costume in her closet!

 She kept her ears on all night because when I put them on, I distracted her by giving her the tail. In theory, she never even knew the ears were there. :)

A Halloween-ish pose with the dark night and the fall leaves. (She can stand up on her own, but only if she doesn't realize she's doing it. I was trying to get her to let go on my fingers in this picture, but she held on her dear life)

 The Ward Chili Cook-off

There was a photographer at the ward party. I think Sophs looking at Russ in this picture is SO darling.

On an unrelated note, let me show you why I find driving in Minneapolis ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING. Here is a picture they show on the morning news traffic report.
These are just freeways!!! We live somewhere around the middle of this mess.
 Compare that to pretty much the only freeway you ever needed to get anywhere in Utah:
Trust me, I know the I-15 has many of it's own frustrations attached to it, but at least they didn't include getting lost almost every time I went somewhere other than the church or the grocery store. I won't go as far as to say I prefer Utah drivers, but I don't think I *ever* want to live in a big city again after this.