Friday, December 7, 2012

Too Tech Savvy?

Sophia is obsessed with the Baby Signing Time DVD's. She signs "baby" and looks at the TV several times a day. I try to just let her watch one per day because I don't want her watching too much TV, but this week she has taken it up a notch.

One day she signed "baby" and then brought me the remote.

One day she signed "baby" and brought me the DVD case.

Yesterday, she discovered the buttons on the side of the TV and accidentally switched the input from DVD to TV while she was watching Baby Signing Time. Russ decided to sit down to watch the news story on TV at the time, but Sophia walked right back over to the TV and played with the buttons again until she got back to her movie.

This morning when I was watching those morning news shows (pretty much the only time I have the TV on during the day) Sophia signed "baby", brought me the DVD case, and when I still said no, she walked right over to the TV and changed the input. Every time I changed it back, she changed it again. She even walked over to the DVD player and pressed a button like I do to press "play". Crazy!

Soooo, soon after, she was chillin' in her bouncer with her sippy (and her hat because it's her bff) watching Baby Signing Time.
Sophia is signing "drink"
I am in need of advice. Maybe I should be a better mom and distract her and play with her when she asks to watch her show since I don't want her watching a lot of TV. On the other hand, I think it's amazing that she has made all the connections with the remote and the DVD cases so I want her to know I understand what she's asking for. Plus, she really is learning a lot from those movies. What do you think?

Here is a video of this morning:
 (In Sophia's defense, she had a rough night last night and went down for an early nap soon after this video was taken)
I like the end where she still freaks out, but then suddenly relaxes when she realizes she really is watching the show again


Brianna said...

Ah, welcome to toddlerhood! :) I think it's so neat how quickly kids pick up on electronics these days, but it also presents challenges. You know how you feel about her watching tv or movies, so you know best what level you want to take it. Some days you might need her to sit down and watch something so you can get something done, and other days you might say no to any screen time. I think it's good for kids to learn that sometimes, the answer is just no, not right now. Maybe offer an alternative, like, no we can't watch it right now, but we can do these options instead. She will have to learn at some point that we don't always get our way, no matter how sad it might make us. Also, something else I have tried with my oldest is to let him do certain tasks, like if it's time to turn off the tv, i have shown him how to push the right button, and that sometimes helps him come to terms with it - it gives him a sense of control. Giving choices, or time warnings, like, when the timer goes off, it is time to turn it off, or ask if they want to push the button or mommy push the button, etc. Hope that helps. On a different note, I love baby signing time, it helps so much in communicating, and makes things easier all around while they are still learning to talk. I can't believe how grown up she is becoming! Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Michele said...

I wish I had advice for you, but I don't. haha... however, I was going to say the kids in my class LOVED baby signing time. They wanted to watch it every day after lunch. We only had 2 episodes so we would rotate. After a while those songs drive you crazy! But at least it is educational :).

Ashley said...

Haha wow that is hilarious that she switches the input! Ava knows how to turn off and on the cable box and how to turn on the xbox (because we watch the Baby Signing Time DVD through the xbox). It really is crazy how they pick up on technology! I guess it is just part of their every day different than when we were their age. I let Ava watch Baby Signing time once a day and she goes NUTS and is so excited as soon as she sees me putting in the DVD. I say, do what you want and feel okay with. If she wants to watch it twice one day, just let her haha.