Friday, May 25, 2012

Sophia's Tricks

Here are some pictures and videos of some of Sophia's new "tricks"...
We've been buzzing our lips at her, and her imitation is soooo cute and looks like it takes a lot of effort.
I also like the end of the video where she grabs her toes, gets a little fussy, but immediately calms down when she sees her normally off-limits hair bow lying unattended within her reach. The ease with which we can distract her and the look she gets in her eye when she sees something she wants to put in her mouth is part of what makes being a parent so much fun!

Sophia has always been an arm flapper. Recently she started flapping and hitting her stomach to hear the sound it makes. This is what happened when she did her stomach hit-arm flap in the bathtub:

Just as I thought might happen, despite my best efforts to practice sitting up, this past weekend she just decided to do it all on her own. It has added a new dimension of cuteness! 

Daddy came to help get Sophia to smile at the camera. She's so cute laughing at him, and the other picture made me realize that she'll reach for us when she wants us. I remember reading about that particular developmental milestone at 6 months and she didn't do it then, but she does now!

Sitting up without her pillow

Monday, May 21, 2012


The first week of August, our little family is moving to Minneapolis. There are still a million little details to work out (and some not so little details - like medical insurance), but we signed on the dotted line and sent in a check that says we now have a place to live when we get there!! 

We will be living in (as I understand it) the University of Minnesota's version of Wymount. It's even a lot like Wymount because there is no AC or dishwasher, but I told Russ I'll probably require a portable dishwasher. Loading and unloading the dishwasher is honestly my very favorite household chore. We're also excited about it because a chuck of our new ward comes out of those apartments. That means that when Russ is gone 90% of the time for 2 years, Sophia and I will have friends to hang out with. :)

I could go on to tell you about how great the location is and how excited we are, but instead I'll just show you the floor plan. I'm already thinking about how I'll arrange everything...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Provo City Center Temple Groundbreaking

This is for Lissa who said she never saw it after it burned down
Wow. That's a long name for a temple: Provo City Center. Yesterday, I was able to go with the rest of the Primary Presidency to what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a gorgeous morning, and I heard on the radio that over 5,000 people attended. Elder Holland said that we were likely the biggest group to ever be there at once ever again. I think that's probably one of the only groundbreakings where the building was actually already there! I've driven past the burned shell of the old tabernacle, but before yesterday never really stopped to look at it. Russ and I attended our stake conference there a couple years ago when Elder Christofferson had come to speak.

Elder Holland and his wife spoke, and a couple people gave comments (including Cecil Samuelson, President of BYU). I jotted down a couple notes that Elder Holland said yesterday in speaking about the tabernacle. He said that 1 president of the United States and 12 presidents of the church had spoken there and it also held 2 General Conferences. Elder Holland thanked everyone for being so active in temple work, making the Provo Temple the busiest in the world, and making it necessary to have another temple in the same city. He spoke a lot about how unsuccessful the early saints were in building temples and how blessed we are today to have so many temples and build them without much opposition. Then he offered a dedicatory prayer on the grounds and soil, and posed for lots of pictures with the shovels. :)
There was a random hot air balloon flying around before it started
Elder Holland
I'm not sure if you can even tell, but this is when they had the shovels

Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Months

Annnnnd about 30 pictures later, this was when I knew my model was finished :)
I call this: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs
  •  Sleeping at least 10 hours at night, having 5 bottles a day, taking 3 naps
  • Become quite proficient at rolling over...and over...and over. The results of that are: a play mat folded up with baby inside like a taco, a wiggly baby to put lotion on after a bath, crying when she gets her legs stuck in her crib bars, but also a happy baby who can roll into reach of her toys all by herself, and parents who get really excited every time she does it.
  • Still isn't sitting up on her own! I think it's half that she can't do it and half that she's not interested. Sometimes when I try to put her in a sitting position, she uses those strong abs to lock herself into a reclined position. Hopefully by next month...
  • Continues to love every type of baby food (except maybe peas - she cried the first time we fed her those)
  • Has become more intentional in her thumb sucking, and we think it's adorable.
  • Discovered her toes and especially loves to chomp on them during diaper changes
Baby taco, anyone?
On one of our many strolls
daily sitting up practice
Tickles during dinner
Now that Sophia isn't taking evening naps anymore, 1) she goes to bed earlier and 2) we usually go for a family walk about the time she starts getting fussy and needing a change of scenery. She loves walks, and, thankfully, the weather has been really beautiful. Everyone says Minneapolis is cold, and while I believe that, I've been tracking the weather for the past 2 weeks or so and every day has been almost exactly the same as in Provo. I hope that means Sophs and I can still take lots of walks while daddy is at class.

I love these next pictures because every time she looked down, I'd call her name and she'd look at me with these different facial expression. It seems that even at this young age, people have different smiles. (and before you even think about enlarging that 2nd picture and looking at the credit card info, rest assured that is is no longer an active account)

And I think I'll end with one last glamor shot. Just look at those blue eyes! Your mommy and daddy adore you, Sophia Anne!