Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We are Californians this summer. So far, the constant 70-80 degree, sunny weather really beats the fickle and confusing weather in Minnesota. Russ started his internship yesterday and is already really enjoying meeting everyone and corporate life in general. I only hope that things continue to be good for him, and I hope even more that Sophia and I find ways to occupy our time while he's gone 10 hours a day.

Before we made it to Pleasanton (San Francisco area), we had pit stops in Arizona and Oceanside, California. During our 4 days in Arizona, we saw Iron Man 3 and Star Trek (both are really good, by the way), went out to eat, visited 5 siblings' families, went to a graduation's always a fun time. Sophia loved the neighbor's horses. About a dozen times a day, she'd sign "horse", "eat", "apple" and we'd go feed the horses apples. They learned to come to the fence every time she was outside.
Sophia helping Grandma Lee water the plants
One thing I really like about my family is that the cousins are close enough in age to play together and grow up together. One thing I really like about RUSS'S family is that while there are a couple of cousins close to Sophia's age, there are also much older cousins who can keep her entertained for us. :)

Then we spent 4 days in Oceanside, California in a beach house. It was wonderful and beautiful and relaxing. We sat in the hot tub, boogie boarded, made sand castles, went for walks, and tried (failed) to keep sand from invading every inch of the house. Sophia was NOT a fan of the beach. The first night, we took a family walk along the beach and she was fine, until a wave touched her feet and she cried in fear. One morning we actually coaxed her into getting near the water, but as she stood and watched a wave come near her, she began to scream. I realized that maybe when you're 2.5 feet tall, those waves can look pretty menacing.
Notice Sophia freaking out at the waves.
I'm not sure what's going on with Russ's face...
Sophia spent lots of time in the hot tub. It wasn't as scary, and she had an adoring fan club willing to play with her.
Beach babe. :)
 Just, uh, look at poor Sophia in this next series of pictures. This was the 3rd and last time she touched the water, and I didn't realize someone took pictures of it, but it captures everything perfectly.
Clutching the hunchbacked momma as we walked back inside :)
no matter what you're doing, every pose looks cooler when you're on a beach
Sophia was also pretty content to splash around in the foot-washing-of bucket of water.

Sophia got sick while we were traveling (as she always does), and she's teething, so we've been enjoying our down-time at the hotel (but we really miss our friends at home).
This was sickie Sophia post 3.5 hour nap, bath, and dance party on Mom and Dad's bed.
She loves the desk phone. She picks it up and says, "Hi" all the time.
 And here are a couple cute pictures from Minneapolis.
discovering horsey rides! (I think she looks so beautiful in this picture)
 Goodbye for now from this Ca-LEE-fornia family :)