Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

To preface this post, I would like to share a list of qualities I inherited from my parents, as actually written in my Young Women's Personal Progress book when I was 12 years old:
Mom: brown hair, light blue eyes, long fingers and nice fingernails
Dad: crooked teeth, moles, calluses

With that in dad is very special to me. Over the years he has...

allowed me to spend his money,

taught me the importance of marrying in the temple,

helped me with my homework (especially math, science, and poetry),

sang us songs and told us dragon stories (AND had that crazy mustache),

taught us how to style our hair! :)

He taught me how to pose in pictures,

played with all the little kids in the ward, which he affectionately called "grandpa trainers"

let his children abuse him to no end,

ALWAYS takes time to "contemplate" in his contemplating jacket,

and survived raising 4 children during the teenage years when he claims we are all abducted by space aliens!

I love you dad! Never forget that the only person stronger than my dad is Luke Skywalker (as I proudly told him when I was young).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Experimenting with digital scrapbooking
(Does anyone do it? I need help getting started)

Getting curtains for our bedroom - after only 6 months
Living room curtains are soon to follow...

Enjoying Netflix with Holdens and Stapleys

Testing positive and then negative for TB (whatever that does/doesn't mean)
Thinking health departments are ridiculous

Arranging flowers in a glass cube

Spending almost every day with the Holdens before they move
(stolen photos courtesy of facebook!)

Putting up with EFY students EVERYWHERE -
not doing a good job being happy about it

Making the world's smallest wedding bouquet.