Sunday, September 30, 2012

Messy Sleeper

Sophia is a messy sleeper. She was given that label when she was 1 day old. Here's the story: this time last year my friend/former roommate/bridesmaid, Jamie, told me I needed to have Sophia during one her clinical days in Labor and Delivery. Although it was a long shot, it actually happened! How fortunate! Even more fortunate was that by the time she came in, I was already in Mother Baby instead of Labor and Delivery. Normally this would be unfortunate because it means we didn't get to see her as often. Given the circumstances, however, it was fortunate because then we didn't have to have friendship redefining moments where she'd have to, well, be my nurse! While in the hospital, I never made it out of my room to even look at the nursery, but during one visit, Jamie told me all of the other babies were tightly swaddled but Sophia had blankets and limbs everywhere. Since then, she was and has been our "messy sleeper".

I decided to make a scrapbook page dedicated to her nickname because I've gotten so many crazy pictures. I am particularly proud of this page because even though it might not look like much to anyone else, I had to make every part of it from scratch - so it took a long time. It turned out exactly how I planned it in my head. Now I need to make a collage of pictures to go inside the thought bubble (symbolizing dreams, I guess) before it can be printed...

The problem is I have no idea which pictures to use or when to make this page because I literally take pictures of her sleeping positions at least once a week. Here are some of the highlights (I got a little carried away - I got pretty nostalgic looking at these pictures of my bitty girl!)

When she was a newborn, it was all about breaking free of the swaddle
5 days old
11 days old
3 days old
Obviously she is still swaddled here - I just can't believe she used to be tiny enough to sleep this way in her pack and play!

The transition beginning at 5 months - still sleeping on her back.
I think this was the first time she slept newborn style again.
Don't know why, but she loves to sleep with her face covered. Maybe it's warmer that way?
Snuggling with her credit card
I noticed that she has this blanket in almost every picture. One of my students gave it to me and it's her FAVORITE one because it's soft and fuzzy.
Of course, the sitting up and asleep picture.
Now she crawls around so much before falling asleep that I never know what corner or position she'll end up in
When I put her in bed, no matter how hot it is, she snuggles with her blanket or stuffed animal.
She just started sleeping on her tummy about 3 months ago, but it's cute to see her little booty in the air :)
Legs through the bar. Hand gripping bar.
By the way, Sophia rolled around in her crib for over an hour tonight, but is finally asleep - nestled in the back corner of the crib, on her side, using her blanket as a body pillow. Just like mommy and daddy like to sleep.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

11 Months

Sophia is the most wonderful part of our lives. She's so cute, and I hate being away from her for very long. I feel like I know her ins and outs, and it's so nice to have such a great routine. I re-read my journal this week from when she was born. I can't believe how much and how quickly we loved her. Sometimes in the routine of the day, I forget how much more fun our lives are with her around, but reading those journal entries and looking at these pictures (plus how nice it is when she naps...) quickly help me remember.

I couldn't choose just one picture this month. I loved all of these!
Have I ever mentioned before that this girl has lots of PERSONALITY!? :)
She looked right at the camera and gave me this cheesy grin. I can just see her saying, "Chhhheeessse!"
Showing off her sweet side
Now that daddy is in school, she's pretty much my little pal 24/7. We do laundry, go grocery shopping, she watches me in the kitchen, we crawl up the stairs, go for walks, play, vacuum, clean, and swing at the park.

- Her 2 front teeth have made their appearance, but they're still pretty little. She also has at least 2 other teeth coming in right now. She's only had 2 for the past 3 months so with these 4 more all at once, my theory is that she wants to have as many teeth as possible when it's time to eat her birthday cake. It sure has made for some miserable days, though.
- She is TALL! I feel like this happened suddenly... one day she could suddenly reach the desk, dining room table, bookshelves and TV - making nothing safe anymore. She's as tall as her 14 month old cousin, Savannah.

- Sophia is a full-fledged participant at the dinner table now. She eats a jar of baby food and also bits of whatever we're eating. She's even starting to get pretty good at signing "more" and "all done"
- 21.0lbs! Wears mostly 9 month clothes, but also some 6-9 and 12 month. Still in size 3 diapers, and just recently started wearing size 3 shoes.
- One of Sophia's many nicknames is "tiny girl". Although I've been using it for a while, I realize that she really is starting to be less of a baby and more of a tiny girl - especially when she has her hair in a ponytail or wears a pair of jeans! I also think she looks grown up in her nighty instead of just wearing sleepers:
She gets her excitement for life from her daddy, I think. Look at how excited she is in this picture, she's even up on her teeny tiny tippy toes!
- She's very stable and close to being able to stand on her own, she walks along furniture well, and she'll take a couple of steps when we hold her hands (soooooo cute because she is pretty shaky)
This is the view I see all day. She constantly pulls herself up on our legs.
Or this view as she comes to be part of whatever I'm doing. :)
 - It's not very often that she wants to sit and play by herself, but if she does, it's almost always when she's playing with her books. She's fascinated with turning the pages and it's cute that she sits and "sings" to herself while she does it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Last weekend, we flew here:
for the wedding of my brother, Tyler, and my good friend (who is now also my sister!), Rachel.
 They got married here:

Their wedding was the first time my whole family had been together since Garrett and Krystal got married in January of 2010, so we took lots of pictures.
This is our traditional family picture at the reception. It's incredible to see how our family has grown from one wedding to another, starting back in 2005 with Lissa and Jason.
For the wedding, Russ was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. I loved my dress. The lace and style of it made me feel like a 50's housewife, which is what I would chose to be if I ever got to live in another time (either that or Downton Abbey era, I suppose).
Rachel and I are only 2 weeks apart in age. Not only do we get along now, but her mom showed me her scrapbooks, and I am 100% sure we would have been best friends growing up.
Tyler and Rachel went on their first date in November (a double date with us), became a couple in January, and got engaged in April. I should mention that Tyler moved to Alabama in December, so their entire relationship has been long-distance. I am sure they are enjoying finally being able to spend time together! And I should also mention that Tyler had his eye on Rachel beginning in mid-August of last year. I think they make a very beautiful couple.
This one is my favorite :D
I was happy they smashed cake on each other. :) I think it's more fun and entertaining than kindly feeding each other
Rachel is the oldest in her family, but in our family she has inherited 4 nieces and a nephew.

Here are my parents happily posing with all of their grandchildren. The oldest is 4 and the youngest is 6 weeks.
Oh. I meant this picture... :P

Here are some other pictures from the weekend, and the reception:
This picture is significant because we took a picture like this at Garrett's wedding, but Tyler was standing all alone. No one is alone anymore!
Keeping Sophia entertained. She's a strong one!
I liked looking through random pictures from the reception and spotting us in the background.
hahaha. I have NO IDEA what we're talking about, but it looks very serious.
Past Sophia's bedtime, but she was holdin' up like a champ!
I don't know why, but I really like this "family picture"
Sophia trying to remember her Aunt Rachel from our good times in Provo
Matching dresses for the wedding
Sophia and Savannah are only 3 months apart. I wish we would have taken more picture of them together, but Savannah toddled around a lot. :)
Kiera is such a ham for the camera :)
It looks like we had the perfect weekend, and it would have been, but Sophia actually spent a lot of the time crying! Poor little girl got her sleep schedule completely messed up when we headed to the airport at 4:30am. We will never be doing that again, by the way. She doesn't fall asleep in our arms so she spent literally half of the flight screaming her head off because she was so tired. I will have a LOT more sympathy now for the mothers of crying babies on the plane. I wanted to cry too because she was so overtired she wouldn't take her bottle, pacifier, toys...nothing. It was so sad. Plus, we knew she'd been cutting her front teeth for a couple weeks, but we noticed she also has 2 others coming in. Here in Minneapolis we've been meeting new people, and Sophia hasn't been shy at all, but at the wedding she was VERY clingy to Russ and I.
Here's a happy moment. She won't cuddle with us, but she loves snuggling with stuffed animals!
Somber Sophia.
Screaming Sophia
Luckily Sophia was just fine hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa during the reception because Russ and I were both at the "head table" since we were in the wedding party.
And she was happy and charming part of the time
Cuddle-attacking the bear again. We LOVE that little girl!
We are really glad we could go. It was a great weekend getaway. Russ started classes this week after we got home, and so far seems much more excited than overwhelmed. I'm sure this transition to him being full-time student and me being full-time mommy is going to take some getting used to. Sophia and I are ALWAYS very glad when daddy comes home. We're used to having him around more often.