Saturday, November 29, 2014

Five Months Old

Multiple people have told me with their second child, they feel like time goes by too quickly and they want to hang on to their babies. Most of the time with Grace, however, I think to myself, "Hurry uppppp through this baby stage." (I especially think this about her night sleeping) Then there are moments when look back at pictures and think, "Oh my gosh. That tiny baby is already gone. I'll never get that time back!"

 This past month in Grace's life, she:
- gets comments on her blue eyes and people saying, "She looks just like a doll!"
- weighs 15lbs (according to scale at home)
- takes 3 naps a day
- eats every 4 hours during the day (recently back to 1 nighttime feeding)
- has been waking up a lot at night - not to eat, just screaming. I'm not gonna lie. I think this has been the hardest month yet because I'm so tired all the time!
- rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back
- doesn't cry much anymore when she goes to sleep, and always sleeps in her bed
- started grabbing and reaching for everything. It's so fun to put her on her play mat. I can almost see the little wheels in her head spinning as she spots a toy she wants, waves her arm somewhat wildly in it's general direction a few times, and finally gets that toy and puts it straight in her mouth.
- does lots of neck stretches and tummy time for her flat head. Got a head scan and her numbers are borderline for a helmet. (For memory sake - in a diagonal cross-section, the left side is 8mm shorter than the right) We're repositioning and stretching and will scan again next month to see if it's improving
- is gassier and doesn't poop very often (a big change from previous months)
- wears mostly 3-6 month clothes, some 6 month. Some pants that fit for length won't fit over her big legs. :D Still size 2 diapers.
- loves interacting with us. Sometimes when Sophia plays with Grace in a way I think is pretty loud and startling, just as I'm about to scold Sophia, Grace laughs. Grace also loves playing games with her hands, and it's so gratifying to have her laugh when we act silly.
feeling her hair
My blue-eyed girls!
cousin Savannah loves baby Grace
hey there, thunder thighs!
First time she ever grabbed a toy :)
now she can entertain herself! It's awesome!
Silly Grace! Pants don't go on your head!
My little dolly all ready for church
First time she rolled from her back to her tummy
bahahhahaha This is a family picture we got taken for the ward directory. I thought it was so funny, I asked them to e-mail it to me. Grace looks like she's storing some nuts for the winter in those cheeks! 4 months old and already making faces in our family pictures... 
Family selfie! (Sorry Sophia!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


We had a super fun Halloween. I think we celebrated about 6 times.

 We went trick-or-treating with my sister's family. The girls were all very enthusiastic at first, but by the end, Sophia and Savannah were pretty tired of walking, so they sat in the stroller and did what I called "drive-thru trick-or-treating".
Sofia the First, Little Mermaid, a tourist, and me. In shorts. On Halloween. Thanks, Texas!
My mom made all the costumes.

Zoo Boo at the beginning of the month (on her birthday, in fact). This was her first experience with trick-or-treating, so she was a little shy.

 Pumpkin Patch! 
Photo op, rode a train, rode a horse (for the first time), and fed goats.
Gracie's first time in the "big girl" part of the stroller (aka not clipped in the car seat)
 Gallery Furniture Meet-Up
This was the first Halloween thing Sophia was super excited about. It was mostly just wearing her costume to a store where she got to see animals and eat free pizza since we got there late and missed most of the Halloween activities, but she was VERY excited to wear her costume again.
About half the Halloween events were during the day. This was one where we got to attend as a family! Hooray!
 Ward Trunk or Treat
 By now, she totally had the hang of trick-or-treating, and really came out of her normally shy shell to get candy. Our truck was a last-minute family project. I thought of the idea and painted the board, Russ did the mouth, and Sophia put on the eyes. :)

Love this candid shot.
Neither of them knew what to do with the donut on a string game. haha Sophia knew she had to eat it, but Carson got the "no hands" part down. 
 Ward Playgroup Halloween Party
 Sophia was a black cat because I didn't want her wearing her dress to the park. :) Mostly, I just think this is a cute picture of the girls.

Toddler Tuesday Halloween Ball
An event downtown where she rode cute stuffed horses, participated in a costume contest, and got to meet the "real" Sofia the First. Sophia was extremely excited to meet Sofia, but was pretty terrified of actually seeing her up close when it was our turn for a picture (and, let's be honest, Sofia is a little creepy).
Doing her "Sofia" pose for the judges. bahahah I was surprised she was actually brave enough to do it. 

 Children's Museum
Sophia had a lot of fun trying to find the places to trick-or-treat and doing the Halloween activities. I was impressed with all the cool Halloween decorations. They really went all out!
The obligatory "Baby's First Halloween" picture with the poor baby propped up on a bale of hay next to some pumpkins. haha I was by myself, so these were quick snap-and-grab-Grace-before-she-falls-over shots. :)
Whew. Halloween sure was a lot of fun. I'm glad Sophia was able to get so much use out of her beautiful costume. I always felt like she was wearing a tiny prom dress, and let's just say getting her in and out of a car seat in that dress was always an adventure. Holidays are always a lot more fun when you have kids old enough to really understand them!