Monday, November 21, 2011

6 Weeks Old!

Can you believe our little cutie is already 6 weeks old? We can't either!

Height: 20 6/8 inches
Weight: 8lb 9oz

I took the picture at one month, but didn't get an official weight until Friday...when I took her to the doctor with an goopy green eye! Luckily she's not sick, but likely has a clogged tear duct. It's so sad to see her when her eye gets crusted over! It was mostly only green for one day and is better (for now).
check out that left eye (and her cute mitten hand paw)
If you have a baby, you understand the necessity of taking 20 pictures to get the ONE shot you want. These were 2 of my favorite "blooper" pictures.
 I love her whole body sneezes (as well as her cute little toes).
 This is the last one I took, which is fitting because it looks like Sophia got so fed up with pictures she decided to put the lion in a headlock. :)
We've really started slowing down with the pictures lately. What terrible parents, right? We're no longer taking 100 per week! :P
This past Saturday, Russ got tickets for the Vocal Point concert, making it our first date without Sophia. The concert was a lot of fun and really good, but I MISSED my little girl. As we walked into the concert hall we realized that was the first time since walking out of the hospital that it was just the 2 of us going somewhere. Strange thought. Now we normally have to spend an extra 5+ minutes getting Sophia strapped in and bundled up, like so:
Seriously? How cute is that little face?
I had to go back to work today. If you ever want to feel popular, just teach kindergarten! Being back wasn't as hard as I had anticipated it being, but it's VERY hard to adjust to having 27 people need me constantly. 1 is must easier to handle! Behavior-wise, I feel like we're starting all over again. Hopefully part of their craziness was because they were excited I was back and because of Thanksgiving, and I hope I have the energy (without getting much sleep) to get things back under control very soon. Overall, I think the person who had it the hardest today was Russ. Sophia is going through a growth spurt so he had a fussy, hungry baby all morning by himself while I was gone.
Sophia has already found love...with her reflection! She'll stare into that little mirror forever
Just since yesterday, I think I've noticed a *hint* of a smile. It melts my heart. I don't want her to grow up, but I also can't wait to have her grow up and do new things - does that make sense?
Right before I took this picture, Sophia was holding her head up really well...that's why Russ is so happy :)
 The girls after church :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

36 Weeks

**I never posted this because I was waiting for my 37 week appointment to take a picture. I never made it to that appointment, and I never took that picture! Sophia was born the night after I wrote this draft. It's funny to look back and read it now.**

We're going to be parents THIS MONTH! As in - I no longer have to turn the page on the calendar to look at her due date. Holy cow.
  • It seems that in the past couple weeks, everything symptom-wise has been kicked up a notch: heartburn, waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, leg cramps, not being able to sleep because I can't get comfortable or because it's too hot, nasal congestion...all that fun stuff.
  • As far as I can tell, I haven't had any contractions. Russ and I joke that it means she doesn't know how to come out. Funny now. Maybe not so funny if she ends up being late.
  • Russ and I started going to the gym together once a week. He lifts weights (which I think will come in very handy for carrying a car seat), and I jog/ walk. Honestly, I think this is a great time to start working out because when I stop my ultra-slow jog and start walking, no one can judge me because I figure people will just be proud of me for being there. 
  • I have more stretch marks now, or they're the same 3 that have gotten much longer. They look like flames coming up all around my belly button (I know. You're welcome for the visual). I REALLY don't want to get too many more of them. 
  • Gained 27 pounds total now.
  • This week at my appointment, I was dilated to a 1. Basically, that means nothing, but the doctor has been saying for the past several appointments that baby's head is sitting very low so maybe that means something?
This past weekend, I had a wonderful baby shower. Although I forgot to get a group shot, I did get pictures of all the wonderful food!

Check out these cute pacifier cupcakes!!
For one of the games, everyone had to guess how many toilet paper squares around I am. Turns out it's 10.5 squares. :)
Here I am NOT winning any of the baby shower games. :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Russ and I have truly been learning the meaning of adoration these past 3 1/2 weeks. We can't get enough of our little Sophia! Here are some of the 742 pictures and videos we have to prove it!

First of all: Happy Halloween!
 We celebrated Halloween by going to my classroom to see my students in their costumes and introduce them to Sophia (from afar, that is). The night before Halloween, Sophia had a REALLY rough night. She was up with either Russ or I literally all night. SO one day when we're all rested and a little less cranky, I may pretend it's Halloween again and take another picture in her in the second outfit for the scrapbook.

 Sophia looks so TINY in her first church dress!

The video is Sophia and I hangin' out after church, waiting for daddy to get home (since we girls only braved the first hour).

 I can't get enough of this picture. The part that keeps her strapped in is so huge I felt like she was getting strapped into a roller coaster. Plus I love the look she is giving the camera.

This is supposed to be of her cute hiccups, but she was also suffering from a dirty diaper at the time:

This afternoon, I took Sophia over to my friend's house, and Sara set up a little photo shoot. We both have nice cameras, but I for sure don't know how to use all the cool features on it, but with the two of us snapping away, we got some pretty dang cute pictures!
Russ just likes this one because he said she looks like she's running :)
We love, love, LOVE our tiny little one
Love the personality :)
Tricks to calming her down: pacifier, mom, and food
We tried to take the pacifier out for this one, but she was holding it very tightly
I think she looks so grown up in this one
Almost smiling for the camera!