Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Mrs. Lee! Mrs. Lee! Mrs. Lee!"

Welcome to my FIRST GRADE classroom!

These pictures were taken before school started and I have already moved some furniture around - for management sake, but people have been asking about pictures so I thought I would put them up. I was kind of anti-buying decorations because I felt like ones I made would be cuter - so I probably spent a lot more time and energy than most people would/should, but I really think it turned out great...

Jungle animals in the window AND the "Mrs. Lee" name plate :D

The front of the room (I've moved that table because all the stuff on it was too tempting while students were lining up at the door) :)

Their cubbies and school supplies

The back corner (haha! I have no books!). I have already had to move the bookshelf because kids will play with the books while sitting on their cool multi-colored carpet.

The other back corner of the room...

A close-up of my two favorite things I made for the room: the crayons and the monkey!!!

My cool bulletin boards that I don't really know how I'm going to use :)

The front/bare corner of the room

My mom is so great at making things! She made me this wall hanging for my room and it's definitely one of the coolest teacher things I have ever seen! Thank you so much, mom!

Here is my leaving for my big first day!

I have 22 students (10 girls and 12 boys) and most of them are really good. Although it's only been two days, I must go on record as saying that teaching is a LOT harder than I had anticipated or experienced in the past. I wasn't at all nervous on the first day, but the kids are having a hard time adjusting to school - especially because first grade is full of so many, well, firsts (for example, being at school all day, walking in a line down the halls, sitting at their own desk instead of at tables, structure in general, not having a bathroom in their class they could use any time, and just sitting still after a summer break). I've found that my best moments were when I really just enjoyed the kids instead of trying to quiet them down. So hopefully as time goes on and we get into school and into a routine, we'll be able to have more fun and learn instead of walking up and down the halls to practice being quiet! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Anniversary

I can hardly believe it has already been a year! We have had lots of fun together and have been very blessed. We both have our quirks and our stubborn moments, but I am glad to have Russ Lee as a friend and companion to have spent the past year with and the rest of ...forever with. :)

After 1 year of marriage, Russ and I made some lists of....

...what we've accomplished:
- Russ graduated
- Russ got a full-time job working for BYU (and he LOVES his job)
- we've made two apartments feel like home
- we've gotten by with just one car (which seems incredible to me)
- Adri got on the dean's list (while taking a full load of classes, working 2 part-time jobs, AND in her first semester of being married)
- Adri got a teaching internship
- we've made more friends (yay! Olsens!)

...things Adri still wants to learn:
- make the bread machine work!
- keep us to our budget!
- talk to customer service reps and get what you want

...things Russ still wants to do:
- take the GMAT
- love and help Adri
- more house chores

...things that we want do together in year TWO:
- start a year supply
- choose a side of the bed to sleep on! (we still switch)
- start a little garden
- family history
- go to leper colony in India

Russ's parents were kind enough to keep our wedding cake in the freezer and bring it up to us so we could eat it. We were skeptical and heard stories about how nasty the cake could be after a year, so we decided to document eating it. My voice sounds kind of funny in it, but I think everyone just thinks their own voice sounds weird on videos, so enjoy!

The cake...

Adri trying it...

Russ trying it...

Finally, partially to celebrate our anniversary and also to celebrate GARRETT getting engaged to KRYSTAL, all the family in Provo went out to eat at Little Italy. It was fantastic food and we all left fat and happy!

Tyler and his super cool lost-and-found girl sunglasses

Garrett, Krystal, and sparkly diamond ring

Russ and Adri