Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays. It's so fun to decorate for and there's so much you can do in October! We did almost none of the exciting fall/Halloween things there are, but hey, it's still fun - in theory. Also, in kindergarten, Christmas and Halloween had the best crafts and art projects associated with them. Funny that in 2009, I dedicated a whole post to NOT being into Halloween.

Russ and I have had 5 married Halloweens together now. In that time, we've carved 0 pumpkins and dressed up 0 times. My favorite thing to do on Halloween is make frosted sugar cookies, and we've done that at least 3 times. Our friends hosted a Halloween party last night, though. It was really fun. We ate treats and played mafia. Rachel filled a glove with water, froze it, cut the glove off, and put it in the red punch bowl. It looked pretty awesome.

The very most wonderful thing about this Halloween was dressing up Sophia! I wholeheartedly believe she was the world's MOST ADORABLE black cat EVER. She couldn't have looked cuter, and except for the ears and tail, I already had everything for the costume in her closet!

 She kept her ears on all night because when I put them on, I distracted her by giving her the tail. In theory, she never even knew the ears were there. :)

A Halloween-ish pose with the dark night and the fall leaves. (She can stand up on her own, but only if she doesn't realize she's doing it. I was trying to get her to let go on my fingers in this picture, but she held on her dear life)

 The Ward Chili Cook-off

There was a photographer at the ward party. I think Sophs looking at Russ in this picture is SO darling.

On an unrelated note, let me show you why I find driving in Minneapolis ANNOYING and FRUSTRATING. Here is a picture they show on the morning news traffic report.
These are just freeways!!! We live somewhere around the middle of this mess.
 Compare that to pretty much the only freeway you ever needed to get anywhere in Utah:
Trust me, I know the I-15 has many of it's own frustrations attached to it, but at least they didn't include getting lost almost every time I went somewhere other than the church or the grocery store. I won't go as far as to say I prefer Utah drivers, but I don't think I *ever* want to live in a big city again after this.


Megan said...

Definitely the cutest black cat. And I really love that family photo as well.

Chris and Mary said...

Such a cute black kitty! I agree with you--after we moved here, I missed I-15 terribly as well.

Michele said...

Sophia looks so cute! And yes it is super nice just have 1 freeway :)

Stinson Clan said...

Sweet little Sophs! Savannah was like that when she first started waking--she wouldn't stand on the grass or the sand or anything that wasn't carpet/smooth ground.

You know you're going to have to carve pumpkins with her when she's older, right? Kiera hates gutting the pumpkin and always makes Jason do hers! :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

Sophia was such a CUTE black cat. :) And those freeways look terrible!