Saturday, April 27, 2013

Easter and Mom's Visit

My mom came to visit us for about a week around Easter. Luckily, it was actually nice weather (50's instead of 30's) while she was here, so we could do lots of fun things.
She looks so grown up and so adorable!
We went to the Como Zoo. We didn't really get any pictures of the animals, but we have lots of cute pictures of Sophia. :)
cutest animal at the zoo
 We went to our community Easter egg hunt, and later decorated eggs of our own and Sophia had a personal Easter egg hunt. It was cold and rainy on those days, so the hunts were inside. I was nervous Sophia would get trampled by other kids and not understand what to do, but she got the hang of it. After she picked up an egg, she had to open it and inspect the contents before moving on. It was a slow process.
All the people were a little overwhelming
Someone brought a bunny, and Sophia only poked at it. haha
Sometimes Sophia lays down in the oddest places...

Mom, Sophia and I went to do a tour of the Hill House mansion in St Paul. It was beautiful and very Downton Abbey - the family even lived in it during the same time period in the 1900s. It was fun to see the grand rooms upstairs, but it really reminded me of Downton when they took us downstairs and showed us the servants hall and kitchen and the breakfast dining room and formal dining room.

 Before church on Easter Sunday, we dyed Easter eggs. Sophia even got to do one. She didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal. While I was helping her lower the egg, she just kind of dropped it and then gave me a look like, "Come on mom. Just put it in the water."
I love candid pictures where I'm looking at Sophia adoringly :)

Even after living here for 8 months, Russ and I had never been to the Mall of America, so Mom, Sophia and I headed over to check it out. Sophia didn't love it at first because she wanted to run around rather than stand in a line, but once she was on the rides, she smiled and screamed and loved every minute.
If this picture was more zoomed out, you'd see the hoards of people avoiding her while she chilled out in the middle of the floor.
"No! I want to be free!"
This picture is for cousin Savannah
Sophia's face! That's the face she had as the train came around the corner and she saw me.
1st Carousel ride
She was trying to unbuckle and get off until the started and she realized it was fun!
Hot air balloon ride!
One thing I really liked about having mom here snapping pictures is that she took pictures of cute things Sophia does that I just experience every day, but never think to take pictures of. Such as...
Sophia loves helping in the kitchen so she drags a kitchen chair over and stands on it to watch/snack while I prep.
She often sits at the table. I've decided not to have her sit with us in a booster seat until she's better at using utensils, but she sure thinks she's big enough to sit with mommy and daddy (and grandma, in this case)
Like I said, she loves being in the kitchen. When it comes to the dishwasher, she is in charge on the utensils. Loading: she takes them all out and puts them in the living room or on the kitchen floor and then puts them all back in. Unloading: I open the drawer for her and she drops them in, but not in the right place since she can't see into the drawer.
We sure had a nice visit with mom. We're glad she can come as often as she does. Sophia loved Grandma. I hope she remembers her next time we see her, and she and signed "grandma" for several days after she left, wondering where she was. Here are some cute pictures of Sophia with her Grandma Carson:
Sophia loves clapping along to the fight song while I read the BYU book
"Helping" Grandma bake

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crafts and Home Projects

According to Russ, I am ALWAYS doing crafts lately, and it's pretty much true. Since I took over the craft classes last month, I am either planning or making crafts almost every night. Last night, I couldn't fall asleep until 3:30am because I was laying in bed planning the craft class for September. I'm a little obsessed. With the amount of work it takes to think of ideas, write/draw them out, plan how to make it "in bulk", design it on the computer (the cricut hooks up to a computer, so it acts more like a silhouette - which gives me endless options), buy supplies, and make the craft, I probably earn about $1 per hour. But it's really fun. Here are pictures of what I've done so far:
April (the September project I was planning is going to be like this, but the "AUTUMN" version)
May (finished this last night while Russ was having a guys night)
I didn't plan this one, but this was the craft class project for February
 In addition to the craft nights, a friend of mine has been doing a monthly Wreath Workshop since November. I think I posted a picture of the pretty January one, so here are the ones I've made since then:
I really love that the housing area where we live offers so many free activities. In addition to the craft classes, they have tons of other activities, exercise classes, and a play group during the winter months that I was SO grateful for because it let Sophia and I get out of the house.

In addition to my crafts, I also decided our living room needed a little make-over. I can put up with boring, cluttered bedrooms, but since I spend at least 50% of my waking hours downstairs, I needed a change. We re-arranged the furniture back in January to make it look more open, but then I also wanted to get rid of our 3 foot bookshelves because everything on them got disrupted by tiny toddler hands. I also wanted to have as little clutter as possible because I feel trapped by our small apartment sometimes (especially in the winter). So with $20 and my new friend, Home Depot, I added a little color to our lives...

This is the bookshelf I used to keep my monthly decorations on. It wasn't Sophia-proof so I took everything off of it (except the decorations on top) and use it as a (*ghetto*) shoe rack. Then it bugged me to see our shoes sitting out in the open.

 I went on the search for shelves. I found one at Home Depot and the other at Goodwill and spray painted them yellow (thanks for Sara for the spray-paint tips) and had Russ hang them. It's so nice to put decorations on the wall and free up floor space!

Then I decided to spray paint the picture frames above our dining room table.
decorated for Easter
And then I spray painted our black "LEE" (or "eel" as Kiera read) on the wall...

My spray painting days have only just begun. If it ever gets warm enough to stop
snowing, I might spray paint a few things in Sophia's room too. For the first time all the furniture in our living room is the same color at least - dark brown or black. So I really like I yellow and blue. Maybe the only other thing I need is a yellow area rug for the floor.
Here is my other little decoration corner.

Friday, April 12, 2013

18 Months Old

Our little Sophia Anne has been in our family for a year and a half. Physically, she has settled into her look and hasn't changed much since she turned one (except for getting taller), but her capacity to learn and do new things is incredible. Here are some things she's been up to:

- 23lbs 8oz and 32" tall. Wears 18 month clothes, size 5 or 5.5 shoes.

- Goes to bed at 7:30 or 8:00 and wakes up between 8 and 9am. Takes one nap at noon, and it's only an hour and 20 minutes (much to my dismay! I have lost so much "me time"). She goes down for naps as easily as ever. We go in her room, she turns off the light, I lay her down with her blanket, teddy bear, and kitty (we have to have all 3) and then we blow each other kisses and wave. That's it. 10 minutes later, she's out.

- When she gets excited, she screams. When daddy gets home, she screams. If we're at church and I walk into the room, she screams. When she sees her teddy bear, she screams.  It's cute, but it's also really loud. Now we're learning about an "inside voice" and Sophia walks around putting her finger to her lips and saying "suuhh". 

- When mom was here she said Sophia is really obedient, which made me realize that she is. Then at about that same day she decided she didn't have to do everything I say. This is probably the pickiest she's ever been about clothes she's wearing or food she's eating, and I feel like she walks around all day shaking her little head "no" at me. She *usually* does a lot better when I explain first what is going to happen.

- Body parts she can show you: head, hair, eyes, eyebrow, nose, cheeks, lips, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, neck, belly button, arm, elbow, hand, finger, leg, knee, toes, foot

- Still loves going outside. Any time Russ or I put on our coats, she asks for hers and brings us our shoes and gets her own. Even when it's cold, she loves taking a 5 minute walk around our building. She also knows the difference between "boots" and "shoes". Hopefully it'll eventually stop snowing and I can teach her "sandals" :)

-  Occasionally refuses to sit in her high chair and climbs on a chair at the normal table and eats with us. Tries to use a spoon and, by the way, must HAVE a spoon or fork, but mostly ends up holding the utensil in one hand and picking things up with the fingers of her other hand. We put away the last of her bottles over a moth ago. Wahoo!

- She's obsessed with the "potty". I was babysitting a 3 year-old last month, and I didn't even know she noticed him going potty, but about a dozen times a day, she announces that she's going potty (through sign language), goes into the bathroom, puts the little potty chair on the toilet, takes it off again, pretends to flush, lowers the lid, and moves over a little stool to stand on to pretend she's washing her hands. Sometimes she also tries to pull her pants down. :) I don't think she is ready to potty train, but I do think it's funny that she has so much interest in it and already knows the whole routine.
She did not understand the concept of the homemade ball pit, but she enjoyed throwing all of them on the floor!
Sometimes when you're just waking up, you need a comfort object...or 6
Playing trains with Tucker - her best friend for a month. As soon as she woke up in the morning she'd ask for "Tuck-uh"
She loves putting shoes, coat and hat on her baby and asking to go outside
Her favorite place in the house (besides the potty...and the junk drawer)
Playing with my phone on her "perch"
And to end this long, long post, here is a video that sums up our slight worry about Sophia's speech development. The pediatrician assured us she's okay, and I do think she was being a little silly in this video because normally some of these words are clear, but we still can't wait for her to start talking more!