Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This was our first Christmas (out of our 4 together so far) that we spent at our own home. We saw my family last week, and we flew here to Arizona on Christmas Day, but for the first time we had to decide what our Christmas Eve and Christmas morning traditions would be.
Baby's First Christmas
Here's the blend of Lee and Carson that we ended up doing this year:
1. Having a fancy dinner on Christmas Eve using my Christmas plates from Germany.
2. Reading the Christmas story in the Bible and acting it out. We also sang several Christmas hymns while reading (like "Away in a Manger" when we read about Christ's birth). This year we acted it out with my wooden nativity pieces, but only because we thought it might be too much to have Sophia dress up and act as every character. :)
Adri acting it out, Tyler listening, Sophia watching and Russ reading
3. Opening one present each on Christmas Eve.
Sophia loved her pants from Aunt Lissa. They look SO cute on her!
 The first picture is Tyler's reaction to me saying, 'Tyler! That's a girl hoodie!" But I was just messin' with him so he could smile in the second picture. I have a handsome brother!
Sophia was sad she only got to open ONE present on Christmas Eve!
4. Brunch on Christmas morning after opening presents.
 Sophia looked ADORABLE in her Santa suit from Jamie, and she was very interested in watching me open all of her presents for her.
Cuddling her doll from Great Grandma
 Russ, Sophia and I flew to Arizona on Christmas day, so while we were packing, Uncle Tyler played with Sophia ONE LAST TIME, since he is - as I type - driving/moving to Alabama. We are sure going to miss hanging out with him!
Sophia was a CHAMP on the airplane! She took over a 3 hour nap before we got on the plane (including sleeping while I carried her through security), had a bottle during take-off, was VERY interested in looking around at everything, and dozed off before we landed. Plus she charmed everyone with her outfit. :)

By the way.....guess who (FINALLY) started smiling!? She started smiling the DAY after all of my family left, and loves to smile - especially at inanimate objects (Christmas tree, lights of any kind and bassinet mobile are her favorites)

Monday, December 19, 2011

2 Months and Baby Blessing

Sophia is already 2 months old, and getting to be more and more fun every day. Although our girl has gotten a lot bigger, she's still pretty small. Here are her 2 month stats:
Height: 22" (25-50th percentile)
Weight: 9lb 15oz (25th percentile)
Head: 13.7in (25th percentile)
Look at that cute belly! That's the last time we squeezed her into that newborn onsie.
Sophia got shots this week and was SUCH a trooper. Before they did it, she was cooing and so happy. Then they poked her and for a split second she looked confused, and then she just CRIED! It was heartbreaking. Afterwards, I didn't want to put her down. I wanted to cuddle her until everything was alright. I've heard that usually babies either sleep after shots or get cranky. She slept. Poor girl. I'm very grateful my parents were in town so that they could help cuddle and hold her too.

At 2 months, Sophia...
  • enjoys baths! She is very calm, but I think she's still a little stressed out about them because she balls up her cute little fists and locks them to her side, above the water. It's adorable. Most of the time she just looks around, and afterwards she is always very cuddly and falls asleep more easily.
  • is able to hold her head up very well. She looks like a bobble-head doll, but she's got a strong neck!
  • sleeps between 4 and 6 hours at night when she first goes down, then wakes up about every 3-4 hours the rest of the night.
  • likes getting her diaper changed. It's one of the only times she smiles.
  • coos a lot, will coo back and forth with you, and is starting to watch and imitate us - especially mouth movements
  • is SO much more alert. She will stare at us and track us and look straight into the camera (hooray). It's so cute!
  • has quite a bit of gas. She'll put her little hands in fists and grunt a little. I wonder at what age it switches from cute to bad manners to just let one rip whenever you want. Unfortunately, she also gets gassy pretty bad at night, which means lots of crying and daddy having to stay up with her for about an hour a couple times a week.
  • We are still waiting for big smiles; I say she takes her life very seriously. :P She does, however, do lots of adorable little ones, like this...

Most of my family was able to come to Provo this week. It was fun to spend time with my little nieces (and their parents, of course), and it's always fun when Grandma and Grandpa come to spoil and cuddle.
 Sophia cuddling with Grandpa after her 2 month shots.
 Sophs hangin' out with Uncle Tyler. Sorry you aren't looking, Tyler, but I loved the picture of her sticking her tongue out. That's another one of her favorite things to do.
Grandma and Sophia
Aunt Lissa and Sophia at the school baby shower
Sophia's baby blessing was December 18, 2011. Russ was very nervous, but he did a great job. He got a little choked up in the beginning, which made me start crying. It was a very special day, for our very special little daughter. She was awake but calm during the blessing, took a nap in my arms afterwards, and woke up for pictures. The men in the family were involved in the blessing and my mom, sister, and I sang a musical number.
The whole gang
Just the family
3 generations
On my baby blanket
On the blanket Great Grandma made her
She has fists almost all the time. Is that a normal baby thing? Does anyone else's baby do that?
I am so obsessed with that sweet little face!
She was an angel the ENTIRE day.
Savannah (5 months) and Sophia (2 months). What a difference 3 months can make! They really are mommy's favorite gift. Savannah sure smiles a lot! I hope Sophia watched her and learned how to do it. Maybe they were cousin friends in heaven because when we laid them next to each other, they put their hands on top of each other. :)

 Sophia's biggest fans!
I love our little family!

The baby blessing wasn't the only reason family came into town. My big brother, Tyler, also graduated from BYU and commissioned into the Army. He leaves in a week from today to report to Alabama. He's going to fly helicopters, his dream since he was a little boy. The commissioning was a really cool ceremony. I think somewhere back in history, a woman must have started the Army because of all the traditions and organization involved.

with smiley Savannah after the commissioning
Our family (minus Russ, who had to go to work as soon as it got over and minus Garrett, Krystal and Daniel who couldn't come because of Garrett's own training in the Air Force)
Everyone left today. :( It sure was fun for everyone to visit. (Lissa's family probably wouldn't agree because from their first day here until their last they passed around a stomach bug and spent half the trip sick at the hotel!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Photographic Evidence

Russ and I have very impatiently been waiting for Sophia to smile at us. It is one of the most popular topics in our home.
Well, Monday night while Russ was working, Sophia did it! She smiled at me. I got SO excited that she immediately switched to her concerned look and got scared. A few minutes later, she did it again.

I called Russ and was so excited he couldn't even understand what I was saying. He denied it. By the time he got home, she was fussy and tired. No more smiles. When I got home from work yesterday, Russ said it must have been gas because he had her all morning and she didn't smile once.

Last night, (again while he was working), Sophia did it again and this time I caught the end of it on camera.
Admittedly, it's not a full-fledged smile, and it wasn't like she saw me and her face automatically lit up in a smile. It took a lot of coaxing and making a fool out of myself for her to turn her face to the side and smile. But I'll take it.

We can't wait for smiling to become a regular occurrence! Today was also an awesome day as our niece, Allison, entered the MTC.  She'll be serving in Peru, and she's going to be a GREAT missionary! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

6 Weeks Old!

Can you believe our little cutie is already 6 weeks old? We can't either!

Height: 20 6/8 inches
Weight: 8lb 9oz

I took the picture at one month, but didn't get an official weight until Friday...when I took her to the doctor with an goopy green eye! Luckily she's not sick, but likely has a clogged tear duct. It's so sad to see her when her eye gets crusted over! It was mostly only green for one day and is better (for now).
check out that left eye (and her cute mitten hand paw)
If you have a baby, you understand the necessity of taking 20 pictures to get the ONE shot you want. These were 2 of my favorite "blooper" pictures.
 I love her whole body sneezes (as well as her cute little toes).
 This is the last one I took, which is fitting because it looks like Sophia got so fed up with pictures she decided to put the lion in a headlock. :)
We've really started slowing down with the pictures lately. What terrible parents, right? We're no longer taking 100 per week! :P
This past Saturday, Russ got tickets for the Vocal Point concert, making it our first date without Sophia. The concert was a lot of fun and really good, but I MISSED my little girl. As we walked into the concert hall we realized that was the first time since walking out of the hospital that it was just the 2 of us going somewhere. Strange thought. Now we normally have to spend an extra 5+ minutes getting Sophia strapped in and bundled up, like so:
Seriously? How cute is that little face?
I had to go back to work today. If you ever want to feel popular, just teach kindergarten! Being back wasn't as hard as I had anticipated it being, but it's VERY hard to adjust to having 27 people need me constantly. 1 is must easier to handle! Behavior-wise, I feel like we're starting all over again. Hopefully part of their craziness was because they were excited I was back and because of Thanksgiving, and I hope I have the energy (without getting much sleep) to get things back under control very soon. Overall, I think the person who had it the hardest today was Russ. Sophia is going through a growth spurt so he had a fussy, hungry baby all morning by himself while I was gone.
Sophia has already found love...with her reflection! She'll stare into that little mirror forever
Just since yesterday, I think I've noticed a *hint* of a smile. It melts my heart. I don't want her to grow up, but I also can't wait to have her grow up and do new things - does that make sense?
Right before I took this picture, Sophia was holding her head up really well...that's why Russ is so happy :)
 The girls after church :)