Saturday, June 30, 2012

Staying Home

I've been a stay-at-home mom now for a whole month! One of my favorite parts has been not waking up to an alarm clock. To be honest, I still do have an alarm clock, but it's not annoying beeping from my cell phone but pitiful cries of "mamamama" coming from the next room.

I think I'm starting to get on a pretty good schedule with what I want to do and Sophia's naps. The biggest thing I'm not used to yet is having a wide open calendar for the entire week and a to do list that I can work on whenever I want. In some ways, it's awesome. In other ways, I work well with a deadline. I'm a little nervous about what next month will bring, since I feel like this month was filled with all the little things I never had time to do while I was working, but I'm sure I'll find something to fill my time. (If I don't then Sophia being on the verge of crawling will probably keep me busy as I realize just how NOT baby-proof our home is).

One of the other things I've noticed about staying home are that I go shopping a lot more (hopefully I won't make that a habit) and take a lot more pictures. So let me show you A LOT of the things Sophia and I have been up to.

 I'm sure lots of people saw this idea on Pinterest. This was my version of it for Father's Day.

 Sophia eating the foot rest after she decided it wasn't tall enough to pull her herself up on. (The box in the background represents that I've started doing some packing for our move)

She spends lots of time playing with her toys.

 I thought I'd try out a ponytail. haha I think it makes her look Chinese.


We go on at least one walk a day. Sophia likes to ride with one -or both- feet up.

I vacuum a lot more these days since Sophia makes it her personal mission to seek out every teeny tiny speck on the carpet.

Testing out a new hair style after putting lotion on her head.  She'll roll and squirm her way over to me and try to use my legs, arms, or hair to pull herself up.

This little girl wants to crawl very VERY badly...
 ...and she's quite frustrated that she can't yet.
(The morning after I took these pictures, she learned to get onto her hands and knees and rock back and forth)

"Get me out of here!"
Russ had to lower the crib since she LOVES pulling herself up - luckily she can only pull herself up on people, not objects yet, but it doesn't stop her from trying.

"Even though I can't crawl doesn't mean I can't get into everything, mom"

Two very cute teeth.

She won't hardly let us feed her a bottle anymore. She usually wants to hold it all by herself.

 Don't be fooled by that smile - Sophia is the baddest baby on the block. Check out the brusie around her eye. She fell over during one of the moments she felt like she was more mobile than she actually is.

She's very proficient at rolling and squirming and then waiting for someone to come rescue her.

Add to these pictures our trip to Arizona, a couple trips to the store, scrapbooking, making dinners, Parade of Homes with Jamie, some packing, having people over, watching a whole season of Downton Abbey in one day, a wedding, Russ and I going to the temple, and helping with Tyler and Rachel's wedding plans and that is pretty much the sum of June for Sophia and this stay-at-home mommy.

Monday, June 18, 2012


If you just look at the pictures we took, you may think that Sophia went to Arizona by herself! We drove down the day after I got done with school, and stayed for a week. It was so fun, and I'm amazed by how many people we were able to visit in that amount of time.

On Saturday, we went to a party at Mike and Suzy's house for all of the Lee adults. That's where Sophia went swimming:
First interaction with the swimming pool
Once we put her in here, she was pretty content to just chomp on those antennas.
After swimming, we switched over to the hot tub. It was just heating up so we got out before it actually got hot, but it felt like a nice bath. Too bad this is blurry!
Getting all dried off and lounging by the pool
Apparently it's tradition in the Lee family for Grandpa Lee to give babies their first taste of ice cream. Sophia is probably too young for this, but if you know Sophia, you know that she loves food!

On Sunday, we went to church and then went to visit Jim and Lisa's family in the evening:
I never cease to be amazed by the positions this girl likes to sleep in
The events of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday included a BBQ at Jared and Lil's,  games and dinner with Mike and Will, out to dinner with mom and dad Lee, lunch at Ron and Tamara's house, dinner with Russ's best friend growing up, and lots of reading, relaxing, and playing.
We don't have a highchair at home. Doesn't she look so tiny in it!?
Reading books with Grandma Lee.
On Thursday, we packed up the car and drove out to the "Lee Mountain Home" - which is a cabin in the middle of the woods. Russ absolutely loved it there. He loved the land surrounding it; he loved going for walks; he loved speculating about all the things they could add (namely 4 wheelers); he was in heaven. During our time there, we sat outside on the big deck because the temperature was perfect, watched movies in the evening (because there was no phone or internet to otherwise occupy our time, there were well over 200 movies brought up by one family member or another over the years), and on Friday, we went on a short hike with Russ's mom.
Don't be worried that I'm the one carrying the baby. I opted to her her on the trail down so that Russ had to take her on the trail back up.
She loves being in that front carrier!
She loved this toy. We need to get one. She loved bouncing in it and being able to turn herself around to look at us.
One day during our trip, Sophia suddenly started babbling with multi-syllable "words". After a day or two of that, she started saying, 'Mama". She was talking non-stop of our hike, and we tried to capture some of it:

On Saturday, we drove home. The drive down to Arizona was a grueling 12 hours, which is longer than any baby and parents should be in a car together (according to me), but the drive to the cabin took a couple hours off our trip so the way home was 9 hours and much more pleasant.

We don't know when we'll get back to Arizona again, but we're sure glad we went. It was especially nice to see Russ's parents so soon after returning home from their mission! Sophia warmed up to them and really enjoyed spending time with her Grandma Lee.

PS: Since we've been home, not only has Sophia abandoned her ways of waking up at 6am, but she has been sleeping in every day until at least 8!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

8 Months

It's incredible how every month I feel like I love Sophia even more than the one before. She's becoming so wonderfully interactive and cheerful that I just can't help it! Often times I sit and watch her, and I can almost see the little wheels spinning in her head as she's figuring out her world. Its such an incredible thing.

 If you look closely, you can see Sophia's first adorable little tooth

 We hope that Sophia will grow up to be good friends with her cousin, Savannah, who is 3 months older than her. I wanted to dress them in the same onesie for the 8 month pictures to compare, and I'd say they are about the same size.

This picture shows the cute shoes my mom made for Sophia!

- She now weighs 17.6 pounds. She's gained exactly a pound since the time I put her on a doctor's office scale a little less than 3 weeks ago. This girl LOVES food. She chows down on baby foods of all kinds. No wonder she's growing out of her clothes faster! This week we noticed that when she's eating she'll say, "MMMMmmm" most times we put the spoon in her mouth.

    - We continue to be amazed by Sophia's constant vigilance about staying fit. First sit ups, crunches, and now...push ups?
    I love that she's giggling the whole time

    - We have quite the social butterfly. When she sees someone she recognizes (and occasionally strangers), she gets excited with her whole body. She smiles, flails her arms, kicks her legs wildly and laughs. Then again, other times (especially when tired) she'll stare at you with a blank expression, no matter how big of a fool you make of yourself. :) 

      - The pre-crawling method of locomotion she has chosen is to roll and squirm everywhere.
        We took the pole-things off of the play mat because at least once a day, she'd roll into it and this would happen :)

        - She loves peek-a-boo, tickles, getting surprised and pretty much anything that gives her attention.  This video was in the car on our way home from Arizona

        And I'll end this post with a story:
        Last night, Sophia would NOT go to bed. Every time we put her down, she'd cry really hard, and you could tell she was uncomfortable. We think it might have had something to do with tooth number 2, which I can feel and almost see. Anyway, we gave her some Baby Tylenol and put her down a while later. That time she fell asleep immediately. Then we looked on our video monitor and saw something very strange by her face.
        Turns out, she went to sleep with her favorite toy: the credit card. Not sure if it was the Tylenol or the comfort of shiny plastic that helped that bitty girl fall asleep...

          Wednesday, June 6, 2012

          Babies on Vacation

          We've been on vacation visiting Russ's family in Arizona for the past 5. Although we didn't plan anything specific to do down here, we haven't needed to because we've spent every day with at least one different Lee family. It's also been really fun, and I have some pictures, but those are for a different post. What I want to write about for a minute is how difficult it can sometimes be to travel with a baby.

          There are obvious things like packing the whole house so that you have everything you might need (and, in our case, still having to go to the store twice to buy things things we left at home), 10+ hours in a carseat, and different schedules. There are also wonderful things, like her meeting her aunts, uncles and cousins, lots of help from Grandma and lots of people to hold her.
          "Excuse me mom, I just need to check my facebook."
          The first three nights, Sophia got to bed quite late because we were out doing things. During the day she'll miss naps because we are visiting people. Babies may be adaptable in some things, and to be honest, she was still usually in a good mood despite being tired. I think maybe it's harder for me than for her because when we're at home, I am very protective of her nap times. The past 2 nights, we repented and made sure we got her to bed on time.

          Now let me get to the real trouble. Either because I'm used to our black-out curtains or because Arizona has no mountains to hide the sun, the first morning Sophia and I both woke up at 5:30. It was so bright outside that I thought it was at least 7. Luckily, we both fell back to sleep for about another hour. Unfortunately, Sophia has been waking up earlier and earlier every morning we've been here. We've put a blanket over the window, but it still gets very light very early. When she wakes me up in the morning, I pray that it's at least 6:30 before I open my eyes (usually it isn't). It doesn't even help for Russ to get up with her because it's so hard for me to fall back to sleep that I may as well be the one to get up anyway.

          Finished her morning bottle at 6:30
          Since I am able to take a nap later in the day, waking up at 6am with a baby is only really difficult because I have a psychological aversion to any time before 7am. My single biggest fear is that this will become a trend when we get home. When we went on vacation in April, she ended up waking up at 7 rather than 8 and that's also when she stopped going back to sleep after her morning bottle. So please, baby, don't let this trip change your schedule too!

          See how light it is outside!? Sophia was smiling at herself in the computer, but Photo Booth counts to 3 so I never caught a big smile in time.
          Well it's 7am and she just fell back to sleep so I guess she really was still tired. Maybe I should try to go back to sleep too. Sorry if this sounded like silly complaining and something everyone has to go through on vacations. I know it'll get even more difficult with more children, but it's still new for me!

          And here is a preview for the post that will actually be about our trip:
          Sophia's first time swimming!!