Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Months Old

Last Friday, our Gracie-Gru turned 7 months old. This past month, she's definitely become an easier baby overall, but now also has 3 favorite things in life (and when she doesn't have them, she's angry): Mommy, being held and eating.

These pictures show that sometimes your model gets so distracted by the silly things you do to get her to smile that she doesn't smile at all. In any of the pictures. haha Oh well.

 In the past month, Grace...
  • has warmed up to baby food and loves everything she tries
  • when she's happy, she kicks. When she's super happy, she also lets out a little squeal while she kicks... like she can't contain all her excitement.
  • wants to be held all. day. long, and she let's you know how betrayed and unhappy she feels when she's not being held. 
  • isn't sitting up on her own yet. Nor does she express much interest. Stinker. Sophia was the same way at 7 months.
  • gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth. 
  • has become proficient and rolling, pivoting around while on her tummy and scooting backwards on her hands and knees to get toys she wants.
  • madly in love with the baby in the mirror. I put the changing pad on a dresser with a mirror attached, and Grace spends the entire diaper change rolling over to smile and play with her reflection.
  • takes 3 naps and now sleeps from about 8pm until 5am. Compared to previous months, this is northing short of a miracle.
  • every morning when I go wake her up, I sing "Good Mornin', Good Mornin'" from Singing in the Rain (with some revised lyrics). Grace always looks up at me with the biggest smile, like I'm her hero for coming to get her. Then Sophia runs over and says, "Oh! It's my little cutie!"
  • hair is getting a lot lighter brown, a lot shorter, and less thick. It looks so different from a few months ago! Now people no longer comment on her hair, but she gets LOTS of comments on her blue eyes.
  • we've been so obsessed about her head, we fasted and prayed about it, got information (like that insurance won't cover it), and decided we'd just go ahead and do the helmet. When I took her in last week, however, we got new measurements and the orthotist said she really doesn't think she needs it because she's improving so well on her own. So, we're taking her in again in a few more weeks to re-measure and re-assess. Here are some pictures, older and recent to show her head issues:
You can really see the flat part well from the top. The picture on the left is from Thanksgiving, right is last week

Left is from September. Look how AWFUL and CONE-SHAPED her little head is!! Right is from Thanksgiving. Below is last week. 

looking a lot less cone-shaped now (and look at how much lighter/thinner her hair is!)
but it kinda depends on the angle...
 And here are some other cute pictures from the month:
I love those squishy cheeks!

helping push the cart
 Love these girls.

Chunky wrists, chubby cheeks and blowing raspberries. Three signature things I hope to always remember about Grace as a baby.
Luckily, she hasn't figured out how to move her arms and legs yet. She can only slide backwards (very frustrating for her when she's reaching for toys in front of her)
first time shopping like a big girl
True love. 
 Gracie be all like, "Why aren't you holding me!?"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sophia 3.25

Sophia has been doing pretty well with the transitions and new things happening in her life. Already in the past month she's had to say goodbye to her "Texas home", friends, most of her toys, "bee girl bed" and routine by moving to Louisiana. This has been the cause for lots of whining, tantrums and disrupted sleep, but she's getting better. It's also sad when she's looking for a certain toy but it's in storage. :(

In addition to everything with a new move, she also started sunbeams and gymnastics. We talked both up for a long time, and she did surprisingly well. Even in her last week of nursery, she clung to Russ and cried when he left, but in her first week of sunbeams (also her first week in a brand new ward), she was nervous but came home energized and chattering about all the fun she had. Before gymnastics, we talked a lot about being brave, and she had a blast. She even loved her leotard so much, she asked to sleep in it.

Last week while we were at Walmart, she was running up and down the aisles around me, pretending the cart was her bus and we were dropping her off places, then she'd get back on the bus and ride somewhere else. Anyway, she stopped coming back, and I didn't think too much of it, but started walking around looking for her. After a few minutes, I started getting nervous. I walked up and down the aisles and finally told an employee who put a Code Adam out over the PA for a blonde 3 year old. I was frantic, but a few minutes later, we got word she had been taken to the jewelry counter by another kind shopper who spotted her. I was in tears when I saw her, but she was completely oblivious that anything scary had happened. She had gone a good way away from me, but I don't even think she realized she was lost.

Sophia at 3 and 1/4 (:D) years old:
- favorite TV show currently is Doc McStuffins
- loves wearing our shoes and leaving them all over the house. She calls them her roller skates.
- typically shy and slow to warm up, but surprises us lately with how excited and talkative she gets, especially around other kids
- likes playing at the park, being outside, jumping in puddles, playing in water/ giving her toys baths
- she's always been a collector. Whenever we're outside, you can bet she'll fall behind because she's picking up rocks or leaves. This afternoon, for her quiet time toy, she picked a bag of batteries because she wanted to line them up. She often takes all the change out of my wallet to play with the change.
- loyal tooth brusher. The other night, she got in trouble and sent to bed. She screamed and wailed until finally telling us she at least needed to brush her teeth before bed. It seems we did a good job of scaring her about "holes in her teeth"
- recently started speaking for her toys when she's playing with them
- if something's missing, she probably knows where it is, and it's probably somewhere random
- the girl loves to be "nakie". Whenever I tell her it's time to get dressed, she responds with, "Not yet!"
- pretty whiney and starting to get more defiant, but she'll come around if the bribe/consequence is right. It's a hard and frustrating journey to find what'll change her mind sometimes
- sometimes, she talks a little like Yoda because she hasn't figured out all her adverbs. "How time Daddy coming home?" and "Why you are?" - common phrases around our house
Miss Sassafrass
She loves gymnastics!
She was pretty sad to say goodbye to her awesome cardboard house/ artwork display
last night before the movers came. haha I hope she never falls out of her queen-sized bed!

She walked in and said she was goin' fishing. haha

Daddy got a scooter to drive to work
First Sunday in SUNBEAMS!  She wanted to wear yellow like the sun. (The pictures are from church - the plant is not...)
You can tell Daddy took this picture because I would've cleaned up the messy room behind her. :D
One afternoon, she got most of the shoes in the house out and put rocks in every one. We found rocks out of our shoes for days.
In looking through these pictures, I realize how often Sophia is "nakie"...

The look on her face as she opened the gift she really, really wanted and asked Santa for (it looks like Doc McStuffins medical bag)
perhaps the scariest Christmas picture we took this year... 
Just doing a little preschool lesson with Grace
She's always been a really good mommy to her baby dolls. I see crock pot. She sees baby doll bathtub.
haha she was even using the neck pillow we borrowed to help Grace
Sure loves her cousins!
We made a thankful tree for FHE in November. She came up with some really cute ideas (the red leaves are her contributions)
I love how excited she gets about the little things
doing some home repairs

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Six Months Old

I wrote this about two weeks ago, but with the craziness of our move, never posted it. I was going to edit the pictures of Grace, but oh well. She's still cute, even if the lighting isn't edited to perfection  :D
Happy half birthday to little Gracie!

6 Month Stats:
Height: 26" (61st percentile)
Weight: 15lb 10oz (45th percentile)
Head: 16.73" (64th percentile)
*10oz heavier than Sophia, head a tiny bit bigger, but actually a little shorter*

At 6 months, she:
- tolerates the few solids we've fed her, but isn't crazy about eating with a spoon
- since Sophia was pretty much exclusively on formula by this age, I'm happy to say Grace hasn't needed any formula. I do try to pump before bed and sometimes I do supplement her with the pumped milk when she still seems hungry after eating.
- wears 6 month clothes
- loves: blowing raspberries, splashing in the bath, grabbing, rolling onto her tummy, eating things, being held, getting kisses, being swung in our arms, screeching and "Eensy, Weesy Spider".
- gets so excited and smiles so big when Sophia plays with her or when she sees Sophia for the first time after a nap
- became bffs with Granddad Carson during his visit for Christmas. She's pretty much happy with anyone as long as she's the center of attention, but when she's fussy she usually only wants me. It was nice to have someone else she'd calm right down for (and I think it made my dad feel special, too).
- had a sleep transformation. She had been breaking free of her swaddle for about a month, so right as I decided to stop swaddling her, she decided to start sleeping on her side. About a week later, she started sleeping on her tummy. I think maybe it's what she'd been missing in her life because now she sleeps MUCH better. It's adorable to see her curl up on her tummy with her little bum in the air :)
- takes 3 naps, eats once at night (hoping to eliminate that by next month)
- no longer seems to need her reflux medicine
- got another head scan for a helmet. She has a "borderline, mild deformity" so we'll have to make a decision in the next month or so about a helmet.

playing in their fort
Baby face is finally happy to hang out in Sophia's bed (much to Sophia's delight) 
my favorite 30 minutes of the week: napping in my arms at church 
Gracie loves the Christmas nativity! Her fav is eating the donkey.
First time she broke out of the swaddle to sleep on her side
Tummy sleeper!
Sometimes when the girls are sad, they both just want Mommy

 We love having grandparents visit! (note: Russ's photo bomb)


I can never tell if the lighting is different or if their skin tones are different. Probably both. Sophia is very pink.