Thursday, May 10, 2012

7 Months

Annnnnd about 30 pictures later, this was when I knew my model was finished :)
I call this: Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs
  •  Sleeping at least 10 hours at night, having 5 bottles a day, taking 3 naps
  • Become quite proficient at rolling over...and over...and over. The results of that are: a play mat folded up with baby inside like a taco, a wiggly baby to put lotion on after a bath, crying when she gets her legs stuck in her crib bars, but also a happy baby who can roll into reach of her toys all by herself, and parents who get really excited every time she does it.
  • Still isn't sitting up on her own! I think it's half that she can't do it and half that she's not interested. Sometimes when I try to put her in a sitting position, she uses those strong abs to lock herself into a reclined position. Hopefully by next month...
  • Continues to love every type of baby food (except maybe peas - she cried the first time we fed her those)
  • Has become more intentional in her thumb sucking, and we think it's adorable.
  • Discovered her toes and especially loves to chomp on them during diaper changes
Baby taco, anyone?
On one of our many strolls
daily sitting up practice
Tickles during dinner
Now that Sophia isn't taking evening naps anymore, 1) she goes to bed earlier and 2) we usually go for a family walk about the time she starts getting fussy and needing a change of scenery. She loves walks, and, thankfully, the weather has been really beautiful. Everyone says Minneapolis is cold, and while I believe that, I've been tracking the weather for the past 2 weeks or so and every day has been almost exactly the same as in Provo. I hope that means Sophs and I can still take lots of walks while daddy is at class.

I love these next pictures because every time she looked down, I'd call her name and she'd look at me with these different facial expression. It seems that even at this young age, people have different smiles. (and before you even think about enlarging that 2nd picture and looking at the credit card info, rest assured that is is no longer an active account)

And I think I'll end with one last glamor shot. Just look at those blue eyes! Your mommy and daddy adore you, Sophia Anne!


    Russ said...

    Well done hun! I love the pics and commentary. My favorite is her credit card pic...well...maybe I shouldn't like that one as much. :)

    Jason and Lissa said...

    She's such a cutie! I'm jealous at the 3 naps and 10 hours of sleep at night! Sure don't know why I got the kids who hate sleeping...

    Michele said...

    she's so cute, Adri! good luck w/ your move!

    Garrett and Krystal said...

    What a sweet baby! I love that the baby taco picture.

    Brianna said...

    I'm hoping that maybe having Sophia show baby M how much fun rolling over is, she will start to get interested. Sounds like they are opposites - Sophia is not interested in sitting up, and M isn't interested in rolling. But Sophia is a champ at rolling, and M loves to sit up. So maybe they can be a good influence on each other :) Can't wait to see you guys!