Sunday, May 13, 2012

Provo City Center Temple Groundbreaking

This is for Lissa who said she never saw it after it burned down
Wow. That's a long name for a temple: Provo City Center. Yesterday, I was able to go with the rest of the Primary Presidency to what may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was a gorgeous morning, and I heard on the radio that over 5,000 people attended. Elder Holland said that we were likely the biggest group to ever be there at once ever again. I think that's probably one of the only groundbreakings where the building was actually already there! I've driven past the burned shell of the old tabernacle, but before yesterday never really stopped to look at it. Russ and I attended our stake conference there a couple years ago when Elder Christofferson had come to speak.

Elder Holland and his wife spoke, and a couple people gave comments (including Cecil Samuelson, President of BYU). I jotted down a couple notes that Elder Holland said yesterday in speaking about the tabernacle. He said that 1 president of the United States and 12 presidents of the church had spoken there and it also held 2 General Conferences. Elder Holland thanked everyone for being so active in temple work, making the Provo Temple the busiest in the world, and making it necessary to have another temple in the same city. He spoke a lot about how unsuccessful the early saints were in building temples and how blessed we are today to have so many temples and build them without much opposition. Then he offered a dedicatory prayer on the grounds and soil, and posed for lots of pictures with the shovels. :)
There was a random hot air balloon flying around before it started
Elder Holland
I'm not sure if you can even tell, but this is when they had the shovels


Brianna said...

So glad you documented this and shared it! We were so excited when they announced this one, we've made quite a few memories there. Maybe someday we'll get the chance to visit after it's done. :)

Chris and Christina Taylor said...

Oh I'm so excited for this new temple! My old roommates and I started a time capsule that we updated every stake conference by writing our names on this same piece of paper and hiding it in the same place. We even got a lot of our ward members to sign it and our Bishop's wife got in on the action as well :) We were all SO SAD when it caught on fire, so its super exciting to know it will be a temple! Thanks for the pictures Adri!!!

Jason and Lissa said...

I really regret never going by when we were there in December. I have lots of good memories of performing in the tabernacle. I'm so glad it will be a temple!

Carson said...

Looks like it was a perfect day for a temple groundbreaking ceremony. The hot air balloon was a nice addition.

You're so lucky you were able to go--I've never been to one.