Friday, April 27, 2012

April With My Fam-Bam

What a busy month for this blog! There are so many things to write about! A day after we returned from New Mexico, my mom came to visit. A couple days after that, my brother Tyler came to visit. We've never had visitors for 2 weeks before, but we are sure glad we're in this new apartment or there's no way it would have been as pleasant as it has been.

During mom's visit she helped in my classroom, did some Utah shopping (since this might be her last time being here for quite a while because we're moving), babysat Sophia while I worked and Russ did check-outs, and attended Tyler's graduation.

During Tyler's visit he proposed, graduated, babysat Sophia, and spends about 12 hours a day with Rachel. It has been really nice to have him back. It feels like old times when he would come over a couple times a week.

 Here are some pictures (in very random order) of Mom and Tyler's visit, or more accurately....Sophia during mom and Tyler's visit :D

Baby's 1st app
Waiting for graduation to start. She didn't last long. She was excited....and loud.
 This is mostly for Lissa: can you identify which is Tyler? We didn't know where he was, but we could all identify him by his walk.

 Good uncle-niece bonding :)

 The ring!

 Family dinner with my cousins, my cousin's fiance, and my future sister-in-law

Check out that open mouth. 

Whenever I'd change her diaper, she's crane her neck all around to be able to see Grandma or Tyler so that she could smile at them. 

Walking to graduation. Sophia was in charge of the balloons. It was so cute!

 My new favorite family picture. I wish the lighting was a bit better, but everyone looks nice and is smiling!!! I also love Sophia's shoe-socks!

 The happy couple, just hours before they got engaged.

We tied the balloon to her wrist, and she LOVED it! She was kicking and bouncing, and watching what happened to the balloon.

 I love that little face! She looks so grown up in this picture.

A cold evening walk

Very active at her 6 month check-up

 Tyler and Rachel visiting my class. We were singing them Zippidy Doo Dah. I don't just make strange hand motions while I teach :)

A sweet picture

Sophia just after her bath. She even still has her wild towel hair.

Sophia loved smiling at our visitors, and eating the tags on the tag blanket Grandma made for her

Posing after church

Fresh and clean in her towel

2 of her very favorite things: the "Baby's 1st Christmas" rattle she was too young to appreciate at Christmas and my BYU ID (sometimes I tell her it's a credit card, and we go visit daddy in his office and she buys tickles with the credit card).

 Cuddling with daddy. Sorry Russ, not the best one of you, but Sophs looks cute!

Twins in gray!

 Cheezy grin. Uncle Tyler dressed her that day and put her in a dress. He also got her a matching headband and bow. I was very impressed.

 Reaching lunging for the camera while getting out the 6 month clothes

Where Sophsy eats when Mommy and Daddy need to be hands-free. She looks so cute: just a tiny head and little feet.

I am really glad we could have mom and Tyler come for a while. It was so fun to see them, we all had a great time, and as strange as it may sound, it was really nice to have extra people there to take pictures!


Jason and Lissa said...

So many fun pictures! Glad you had a good time with your visitors. I love seeing Sophs in some of the clothes that Savannah used to wear!

Garrett and Krystal said...

That was a fun blog post! So many cute pictures. It's fun to see how Sophia is growing and to see her personality. :)

Rachel Lybbert said...

I just love Sophia's beautiful, happy face! She is too cute!

Carson said...

Love, love, love all these fantastic pictures; but the best part of all is that I was there in person when most of them were taken!

It was so fun to spend some bonding time with Sophia and to get to know Rachel. The week went by much too quickly.