Monday, February 27, 2012

Craft 3 of 5

I [finally] made Sophia's curtains. While making them, I thought about my plans to have them done before she was born. Her being born 3 weeks early led to me getting the curtains done 4 months later. I've literally had the fabric since July. Anyway. I wish I wouldn't have put them off for so long because once I got going, they were actually really simple to make.

Some mornings when Sophia gets up but I try to put her back down, she'll crane her little neck around to look out the window and see if it's light outside. I'm sure it's all in my head, but somehow I feel like she knew it was morning and was therefore trying to tell me she shouldn't have to go back to bed. A few weeks of that was enough motivation to get those curtains done. I hung blue curtains we already had behind the white to block out the light.

 Now her room is just about complete! Here are some pictures of the rest of the room:
Sophia's closet with current clothes, plus 6 of the 8 boxes of her other clothes (from newborn to 12 months)
Her crib and very colorful bedding. Also her bff lion. If she wakes up too early, sometimes I just put the lion on her and she'll play with it/eat it for about 10 minutes.
Sophia modeling her changing table (I still need to hang up the bow holder)
I hate to admit that Sophia really hasn't wanted too much to do with rolling since that night last week when she wouldn't STOP rolling. Instead she poses as a cute little tummy time model.
I love her big eyes and cute little nose!
Also, Sophia has become quite good at unswaddling herself while she sleeps. When she does, she sleeps with her arms above her head, just like she did as a newborn. It's adorable.
We sure do love that little baby!


Dez said...

Sophia is such a cutie and here room looks really good too.

My Archie went through a phase at about three months old were he was rolling over like crazy both ways and then a few weeks later he hardly ever rolled over. He didn't really start up again until he started crawling around 6/7 months. I wonder if that's normal or if we just have weird babies. :)

Jason and Lissa said...

Oh, Sophs is so CUTE! Yay on getting curtains done!

Bonnie and Brian said...

nice work on the curtains :) And I love sleeping babies (for more than one reason!) I'm trying your pork pinterest recipe tonight and excited. :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

I love the curtains you made! So pretty! And the rest of the room is very nice too. Sophia is so cute and getting so big!

Carson said...

Glad to see you did get the curtains done. Looks great!
Maybe you need to demonstrate rolling to her to remind her how to do it :) she just needs a good example from another older kid, you know lilke a 1 or 2 year old.
Keep pictures of this cut little granddaugher comming!
Love dad

Carson said...

Isn't it nice to get "sew curtains" checked off your to-do list? They turned out really well.

Hard to choose, but I'd say my favorite picture is the one of Sophia on her tummy on her playmat and looking up. She looks so happy!

Can't wait to see her in person in a month.

Love, Mom (o: