Saturday, February 11, 2012

Craft 2 of 5

When I was pregnant, I said I wasn't going to get very many of those baby headbands and flowers/bows. That was silly of me. Sophia doesn't wear them very often (mostly because her head is still too small for most of the headbands I have), and they are so cute when she does. I made a simple hair bow holder before she was born, but it was not nearly big enough. I searched etsy and pinterest for hours, and almost bought one. I'm SO glad I didn't because I LOVE how the one I made turned out.
It's still not quite big enough for all of her bows, but it's very cute. The best part about it is that I could personalize it with her name and the same fabric I'm using for her curtains and crib skirt (2 more of the 5 on-going projects).

This project was so much cheaper than it would have been if I bought one. I just got a canvas, fabric, ribbon, and hot glued it all together. I was going to put hooks on the bottom to hang headbands on but decided it might look too cluttered. We'll see how long the hot glue holds up, but it seems very sturdy - a lot more than I had expected it to be.
I first tried using an iron-on....stuff for the name, but it was causing me grief so my friend, Sara, graciously helped me use her silhouette to cut Sophia's name out of vinyl. I think it looks very classy.

PS I think the person who invented hooded towels is a genius. Babies look SO sweet in them! (Can you tell she's a little mesmerized by the camera?)

PPS The picture below is my version of Goldilocks. Daddy. Mommy. Baby. :D


Stinson Clan said...

Aw, cute little Sophia and baby Sophia shoes! Good job on the bow holder--cute idea!

Carson said...

Oh my goodness, Sophia really looks like Russ in that picture with the towel on her head!

Your bow holder turned out WAY cute. I'm glad you got it finished.

Curtiss & Ginger said...

gotta love towel pictures- they are the cutest! You are so crafty..I love the bow holder! She is just too precious!