Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 Months

We have a 4 month old on our hands! She has reached a magical age where she is on a great schedule, is fun and playful, but can't move or get in to anything! Another great thing that's happened since last month is I can discern what she wants/needs about 95% of the time when she's fussy. We love our sweet baby girl! Here are her 4 month stats:

Height: 24.25" (50th percentile)
Weight: 12 pounds 12.5oz (25-50th percentile)
Head: 15.4" (10th percentile)

I had a hard time choosing between those first 2 pictures, but realized the one of her chewing her hands is an accurate representation of her at 4 months old!

She was really good about her 4 month shots - as she was with her 2 month ones. She happily gulped down the oral one and was babbling away. After the first prick, she looked very confused for a split second before the tears came. By the 3rd prick, she was crying so hard that her tiny head was shaking back and forth, her face was bright red, but no sound came out. When she finally did get the screams out, she was very cuddly and she stopped crying even before we went to schedule our next appointment, and she fell asleep on the way home.

At 4 months, Sophia:
  • just in the past week or so has grown out of most of her 0-3 month onesies, but the 3-6 month ones are HUGE!
  • takes 3 or 4 naps a day (usually at least an hour - longer in the afternoon and shorter in the evening)
  • LOVES putting her hands in her mouth, babbling, taking baths, and smiling at people other than her parents (we have to work hard for her smiles)
  • gets complimented most on her big blue eyes
  • laughs most while changing her clothes and when she's being held like she's flying. Her laughs are hard to come by, but SOOOO cute!
  • goes to bed around 9 and wakes up anywhere from 5 to 7am. Then she'll eat and go back to sleep until about 8:30 or 9:00. 
  • has some formula every day because I just can't keep up! In fact, I am producing even less than I did 2 months ago.
  • cries less than she ever has in her life. She hardly ever cries when we put her down for naps (I credit babywise for that one), and is much better about handling her gas. She'll often be sitting in her bouncer, and I can hear her grunting for all she's worth :)
Sophia is getting more interactive, which made for a fun photo shoot. She'll smile at me, but as soon as she sees the camera, she gets a deer-in-the-headlights look. Here she is having a good time with her lion...
In the act of backhanding the lion. She did not want it to steal her spotlight.
Once she realized she was going to be in this picture with the lion no matter what, I laughed while she wrestled with it for a good 30 seconds until she got it into her mouth.
Happily chomping on her hands.


Carson said...

Happy 4 month Anniversary sweet loveable Sophia! We love you!

Jason and Lissa said...

I have such a cute niece! She's getting to be such a big girl. Savannah hates getting clothes on, unlike Sophia. And Savannah could learn a thing or two from her cousin about getting shots! :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

She is so cute! And I have to agree that 4 months is a great age! (Although there are fun things about other ages too. :) ) It sounds like she is such a good little baby!

David and Katie said...

So cute! She is a good mix of you two. Love the pics!