Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Months

At 5 months old, Sophia is basically doing all the same things she did at 4 months, especially in terms of sleeping and eating patterns. In fact, I can't believe a whole month has already gone by! The only changes I can really think of are:
- weighs 14.2 pounds 
- more droll
- more smiling
- LOTS more reaching
- no longer wants to be swaddled when she sleeps
- loves to sleep with a blanket over her face
- more squeals of delight and shrill shrieks
- longer hair! Still has a nice bald circle in the back, and hair is definitely Russ's color.
- finished off her size one diapers last night so now she's in size 2s
- still fits into some 0-3 month clothes, but wears mostly 3-6 month ones
 smiling (too bad it focused on the lion instead of her!) and break-dancing
 I couldn't get her to stop grabbing the lion, so I decided to take a couple with her standing so she couldn't reach it. A couple hours later I realized her pants were on backwards...which explains the bagginess in these pictures.

Sophia is still keeping up with her New Year's Resolution to stay fit. She still like us to help her do sit ups, but now she's also added crunches to her work-out regimen. 
 I love when she's holding herself up and then flops down. I imagine her saying, "Hold it. Hold it. Annnnnd oonnnne." She wants to sit up SO bad!
She's wearing the same outfit she wore when we brought her home from the hospital. That's probably the last time she'll be able to squeeze into those jammies. I also like the beginning where she does her new little sound...she does that about 100x a day, usually accompanied by a big smile. :)
She'll either get a six pack or start sitting up soon, I think
Here is our very own little dinosaur. When she makes these sounds, we're never quite sure if she's upset or if she's experimenting with her voice. Since this video was in the morning before she ate, I'm guessing it's a little of both.


Jason and Lissa said...

Oh, Sophia makes Pteradactyl squeals just like Kiera did! She's getting so big! Just think, she is now the same age that Savannah was the last time you saw her. :)

Curtiss & Ginger said...

she looks so adorable standing! I love this! Happy 5 months! :)

Morgan said...

She's very cute Adri! Zayden makes those same sounds! I love waking up to those happy baby sounds!

Carson said...

I thought I left a comment on this blog when I looked at it a few days ago. Sophia is getting big! It's just so amazing how much a baby learns in the first two years of life.

Isn't it exciting to be a mother and see how Sophia is growing and developing? The video of her doing her crunches is really fun!