Friday, February 3, 2012

Craft 1 of 5

I planned on doing one big super-post of all of the craft projects I have half-finished for Sophia. I finished one this week, but despite my best intentions, I find myself kicking back and relaxing most days after work while Sophia is taking her afternoon nap. I'll show them off one at a time, starting with her Christmas ornament.
Tying bows is NOT one of my talents. I think I'll need my mom to fix it sometime when she comes to visit.
I originally got the idea from Pinterest, and although it's not perfect, I like my version a little better. It was very easy! Glass balls from Hobby Lobby, strips of pink scrapbook paper, a little pink tissue paper (to fill in the holes), letter stickers, and ribbon. Now I just have to make one for every child I have. :)


Jason and Lissa said...

Very cute! And I think it seems simple enough that making one for each child is doable. :)

Carson said...

I think it looks wonderful! even the bow. It really is cute!

Carson said...

The ornament turned out AWESOME! I love it. What a neat tradition to start for your children. I'll be happy to re-tie the bow for you the next time I come.