Monday, January 16, 2012

Sophia's New Year Resolution...and Our Weekend

Sophia recently came to us and told us that in 2012, she wants to get more fit. Here is a video of her and daddy working on that goal. Also in this video you can see her hair balding stripe, which only started happening last week. :(

And tonight, Sophia played a brand new game, and may also think she made a brand new friend.

Here are some other pictures we've taken, chronicling our marvelous 3 day weekend...
SATURDAY: Sophia and I getting ready to go to a birthday party. That's why she's wearing her party pants. 

SUNDAY: She looked adorable in her church outfit. Her dress is so pretty, the shoe-socks are awesome, and I always really like her in that long-sleeved onesie. Here she is, once again, helping me make Sunday dinner in the kitchen.

MONDAY: Getting ready to go for a stroller ride/family walk in the coooold January weather. When we bought this outfit for her, Russ was not a fan. When I pulled it out to put it on her today, he still didn't like it. I told him we could return it, but then as soon as she tried it on - he decided she looked so cute we had to keep it. Her giant paw-hands are my favorite part!


Ashley said...

She really so SOO teeny! Pretty sure Ava was that small when she was like 2 weeks old haha. I love her cute warm outfit! We bought one of those for while we were in Colorado over the break and Ava looked like a little polar bear. When I bought it, Bryson had the oposite reaction as Russ haha. He was like, "Let's go on a walk tonight so we can put her in her white fuzzy outfit!" Also, that video is SOOOOOOO sweet! LOVE her little laugh!

Stinson Clan said...

She's already laughing! So cute! I love her little bald stripe. Don't worry, most babies get that. She looks so cute in all those clothes her cousin Savannah gave her. ;)

Elaine said...

The videos are great--I'm inspired to do some sit-ups!

I may have to print out that picture of Sophia in her church dress--she's soooo cute. She's changed even from when we saw her last month.

I'm glad she had the chance to wear her cozy snowsuit because she looks very sweet in it.

Kadi Abel said...

I absolutely love Sophia's party pants!!

Garrett and Krystal said...

I love that she helps you make Sunday dinner. :) She has the cutest expression on her face.

Carson said...

Love that Newborn(ish) baby laugh. Isn't it fun being the parents of a beautifyl little girl!
Love dad