Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Here is your virtual tour (minus the 2nd bedroom):
 Front door and entryway. It branches off into two rooms:

The door to the left leads to the kitchen/living room. Door to the right leads to bedrooms/bathroom.
 We literally don't have any shelves in the bathroom, but we do have this sink area in the middle of the hall (makes it feel a little like a hotel, but would be great for people with roommates). I love the space, but don't like that this particular part of the house is so OPEN. For orientation purposes, I'm standing in our bedroom doorway taking the picture.
Our bathroom is big and nice, but not even a towel hook on the wall! We have a sweet granite shower, but no bathtub (again, makes sense for freshman, but tough for us with the baby).
Niiiice storage space at the end of the hall. Luckily we have more storage in the basement for the shocking amount of stuff we've accumulated (and I'm a professional too!). This closet is between the bathroom and the 2nd bedroom.
 View into our bedroom from the door. It feels soooo spacious to us!
Check out that pack and play! We bought it this week, (I honestly had so much fun putting it together. It's so cool and efficient - it's something my engineer dad would have designed) and we have the bassinet portion set up right now to have baby girl sleep in until my mom brings my old baby buggy. Having in it our room makes it feel very real that we're going to have a baby sometime next month.
 Have I mentioned yet that this apartment has tons of OPEN space? Even the closets! It's nice to have our own closets, though! If we were planning on living here more than a year, I'd probably find a way to close them off, but it's not a priority right now.
 It took me until now to realize vinyl lettering is REMOVABLE! Best thing ever! We love it. 
The seemly random light switch right above our bed is actually really great because we have 3 sets of lights in the room: main lights and smaller lights on each side (in case you want to read while your roommate is sleeping - genius for dorms). So we no longer have to decide who's going to get out of bed to turn off the lights after we read scriptures!
The only picture I'll show in the baby room: all her tiny cute clothes and hooded towel. The rest of the room isn't set up yet and still has some boxes in it that need to go down to basement storage. When it's finished, I'll take lots of pictures.
 Now to the other side of the apartment. The kitchen is so magnificent. So many cupboards, and the right side of the picture is a bar/peninsula with so much counter space I want to cry with happiness. Something about having my Kitchen Aid nestled in the corner makes me feel like a real wife/homemaker.
 This picture is funny because it looks so empty, and I think it's just because the ceiling is high. I'm so happy to have all of our furniture out of storage and back in our lives! We have ONE more picture to hang (hooray! Hanging them without using nails was a huge amount of work). The frame on it broke after a previous failure in putting it up so we need to fix it and then put it up above the TV.
 Here are the beautiful new additions to our family: meet couch and recliner. Russ is modeling the big, luxurious recliner that we got for when we're rocking the baby. All that's left to complete the look is the pillows! I bought pillow forms last month and keep going to the fabric store, but just can't find the right fabric for the pillowcases. By the way, our old uncomfortable futon has been banished to the baby's room (to serve as a guest bed).

There it is. I honestly feel like we're living in a condo. Well, except maybe the industrial-grade carpet. I am determined to buy a nice fluffy rug to put in the living room before our little girl starts crawling. This is quite the upgrade. We love our new home. We're so blessed to be living here.


Ashley said...

Adri! It looks SOOO big!! How many square feet is it?! I'm happy for you guys that you have so much more space!! :) Great job making it feel like home! Also, I'm ready for a recent belly picture!! I bet you look so cute!

Chris and Mary said...

Your new place looks fabulous, guys! Love, love, love it! Wish we could visit :)

Spencer and Jennifer Lee said...

Looks great! It's so nice to have space :) Idea for the closets: tension rods and light-weight fabric curtains. Cheap, fast, and easy.
In NYC we had space issues too so we bathed Spencer in a large sturdy storage bin that had lower sides, it worked great for us for 18 months :)

Carson said...

Yowza, I think you have more cupboard space in your kitchen than we do in our house!! Looks sooo much bigger than your Maeser apartment. How fun to have that much more space to decorate and make feel like "home". Congratulations on your new place; can't wait to come see it in person.

Vickie said...

Hooray! Can't wait to visit you there!

Jason and Lissa said...

Wow, it looks great! Can't wait to see it in December!

Garrett and Krystal said...

You're new home looks great!

Michele said...

Wow, those look MUCH nicer than Heritage! Glad you were able to upgrade before the baby comes. Sounds like they really thought of a lot of good changes that would be helpful for college students. Wish I could have lived there as a freshman!

Rachel Lybbert said...

Your new place is fantastic! I am especially fond of your kitchen--all those cupboards and tons of counter space are AMAZING!!

6Carters!E,H,V,B,R,C said...

you guys!!! That is so amazing!! I'm so glad I hired Russ back in 2005 so that 6 years from then he could live in a place like this with a great wife and soon to be daughter!!