Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lucky I'm In Love with My Best Friend

August 16 was our 3rd Anniversary! I love my husband. He's my very best friend and selflessly gives me waaay more back scratches than I ever give him. :) Russ is a hard worker and is so good at encouraging me when something happens that feels like the end of the world. I've really enjoyed having him to myself for 3 years, and now look forward to seeing him as a daddy. He's going to be such a good one! I love it when we're going to sleep and he'll roll over and put his hand on my tummy to see how his little girl is doing (she's very good about kicking on demand, which makes me think she'll be an obedient daughter....maybe). Russ is also very thoughtful about getting things done - especially when I actually ask him to do something rather than expecting him to read my mind (funny how communication helps in a marriage!). He's also a wonderful Priesthood leader in our home.

On our actual anniversary, Russ was at RA Training from 8am to 5:30pm, and I went to get a haircut and celebrated my last day of not having to be at school by taking a long nap! It may not be overly romantic, but that's what a typical anniversary will be like anyway: hubby at work, me with the kids (Hey. Just because I took a nap doesn't mean I wasn't with the kids. This baby goes everywhere with me!). We did go on a dinner date to Sizzler (a tradition begun during our Honeymoon). Someone laughed when we told them that was our anniversary tradition, but we love it. Plus, you can't argue with tradition - especially when it comes in the form of steak wrapped in bacon. We also rented a movie and reminisced about our 3 years together, and talked about how excited we were for our future.

To really remember the occasion, we took a picture to remember that we were living in a temporary place, sharing it with custodial and construction all working to get our new home ready:
The hard hats are a nice touch, don't you think? :)
 Last, but not least, we found the disposable cameras we put out during our reception and got one of them developed as a little anniversary present to ourselves. We just did one to see if the quality was good enough after so long to get them all developed (they said to do it before Dec 08...oops). Russ thinks the pictures people snapped...mostly of themselves making some weird face...were total gems. I am inclined to disagree. You can decide for yourself:

Russ's childhood best friend.
This family picture would probably be really great to have, but the "ancient technology" known as film just doesn't cut it.
PS Pictures of our new apartment are coming soon! Just need to hang a few more pictures on the walls and unpack that infamous last box filled with the random things you don't know where to put.


Amanda Impett said...

Happy Anniversary and look at all the adventures you have had together and all that you have to look forward to. If you could make it in India you can make it anywhere ;). Love and best wishes to you both.

Bonnie and Brian said...

I really loved reading your post. We just love you guys! So excited to see what your new place looks like set up! I had to laugh when you said you just need to put up pictures and finish unpacking that last box... we STILL haven't done that. haha! I felt more set-up in our previous apartments than in our home we've lived in for 8 months. I think it's just my phobia of putting up pictures in a permanent place. Anyway, I'm also very excited for you two to have a little girl so so soon!

Jason and Lissa said...

Can't wait to see your new place! Hope school is going well for you. Love you!

6Carters!E,H,V,B,R,C said...

Joy! Your sealing was one of the favorite ones we've ever been to! And I think it was in your sealing that the sealer really taught about the importance of!! Way to master that!