Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whoa. WHOA!

Russ and I went to prenatal class today. It was 5 hours long, and even with one break, that's a loooong time to ask a room full of pregnant women to sit on uncomfortable chairs. My tailbone is still so sore.

As contractions and dilatation were being described, I got really light-headed. I used to make fun of my sister for having a weak stomach, but I've developed it too over the past couple years. Russ has to watch me very closely every time I get my blood drawn or get a shot. I'm sitting there in class thinking, "Great. I am going to pass out during the birth of my own child!" The hardest thing for me is to hear a medical procedure being described. Maybe I have too vivid of an imagination.

So I was fidgeting on my hard chair and breathing so I wouldn't pass out. All of this made it very hard to focus UNTIL they turned on the oh-so-wonderful Miracle of Birth video! Oh my. Russ and I had both seen it before, but it's QUITE different when you're actually going to have a baby very soon. I just kept looking over him in panic, being so grateful that I do not have to see what is happening during delivery, and wondering how in the world anyone actually DOES this!

Despite all of that, however, we both cried a little when the first baby on the video was born. We can't wait to meet our own perfect little girl! I have a feeling that when our little family is together for the first time, we'll all be crying! (although, the baby will be just because that's what babies do)


Jason and Lissa said...

Yes, I don't know why anyone does this more than once. The first time you can at least claim ignorance. :)

We're very excited to meet your little girl, too! Not much longer!

Glad to know the Abbott queasy stomach is going strong in our generation! :)

Megan said...

Just remember: this is a natural thing and for the majority of deliveries, everything works out just fine. You can do it! It'll hurt, but it'll also be one of the most amazing things your body will ever do in this life.

J+K=Fly said...

Maybe if our culture wasn't so warped, women wouldn't be so afraid of what their bodies were made to do. You should read some natural birth stories, and watch home deliveries. I think it is what you make of it. If you go in thinking "why would anyone do this more then once", and "this is going to be the worst experience of my life" (which is funny because they get epi's) then you've already set up the situation. Be INFORMED.

Chris and Christina Taylor said...

Oh Adri, it's totally not as bad as it all sounds! I am freaked out by needles, but even having an IV forever and an epidural, it's not bad at all :) I was scared to death after our 5 hour class -Chris almost passed out watching the video -but it was so great in the long run cause they really did keep me informed and the real thing was not half as scary cause of what we already knew.
You will LOVE holding your little girl for the first time -we both cried, and the whole time the nurse took our camera and snapped TONS of pictures, which was so great for later :) I am so excited for you -motherhood is the BEST!