Friday, August 5, 2011

Texas Visit

For the first time in my life, I accumulated enough airline miles to fly somewhere for free! I decided to go to Texas and visit my sister after having her new baby. I had a lot of layovers, but other than a couple uncomfortable hours with a very sore back, being 6 months pregnant and traveling alone wasn't as hard as it could have been. Plus the trip was worth it, so thank you Lissa and Jason for letting me visit!

I looooved holding Savannah. She is so precious and tiny and she loved being curled up next to anyone with a heartbeat for her to fall asleep to. Poor Lissa though, now that all the help has left, Savannah won't sleep without being held.
I love how she curls up her legs and sticks up her little bum!
Savannah having quality time with grandma!
One night I was there, we celebrated Savannah's 0th birthday. If you know me, you know that I'm very good at making up reasons to celebrate...especially when there is dessert involved.
Kiera helping me bake a cake. After about 3 stirs, she declared it was ready for the oven!
Savannah slept through her own party! Luckily her big sister helped blow out the candle. I just don't think the party would have been as memorable if we hadn't of worn the party hats!!!
When I wasn't hangin' out with the nieces, I was sewing...and sewing...and, well, reading books too. It was sure nice to get things done with my mom's sewing wisdom and help. I made lots more bibs (and fixed a couple of my first ones) and made a car seat cover, which I love! Mom was busily sewing Savannah's blessing dress, and Kiera wanted to sew too. She kept busy by cutting fabric scraps and 'organizing' the pin cushion over and over. :)
The cute girl and the beautiful dress!
The happy family. Well, by this point Savannah was already tired of the paparazzi.
The girls - I just love Kiera's face in this one. Kiera is wearing a dress my mom made for Lissa when she was little.
Sometimes when I'd hold Savannah, my baby would go to town kicking her. I hope she was trying to bond with her cousin, not trying to fight her! :)
Babies are so cute when they're all rolled up like a burrito!
Although Russ and I missed each other and talked a lot of the phone, while I was gone he went to movies, played golf, hung out with his brother who came to town, hung out with my brother, washed the car, and had a regular "guys weekend" (not a 'boys' weekend, he said, but 'GUYS').


Ashley said...

She's so cute! I love all her hair! I wonder if your little girl will have hair like that! I'm jealous that you got to "practice" with a baby before yours comes haha. Cute!

Lissa said...

We're so glad you came to visit! It was a lot of fun.

Adri and Russ Lee said...

Both my sister's babies have had tooons of hair. I'm not counting on getting that lucky - I pretty much figure those 2 little girls stole all the hair from the other future grandkids.