Sunday, August 21, 2011

30 Weeks or 6 3/4 months :)

While grocery shopping about 2 weeks ago, we were trying samples, and a man asked, "How much longer do you have?" and I thought, ".....for what?". OH YEAH. People can tell that I'm pregnant now. They can tell enough that they're comfortable asking a total stranger when I'm due or if I'm having a boy or a girl.

The reality that we're going to be parents soon keeps hitting us at different times. This cute little exchange happened while we were looking at strollers and car seats last week:
Russ: Oh my gosh
Adri: What?
Russ: (moving around the little head cushion in the car seat) HER TINY HEAD IS GOING TO BE IN HERE!
  • Gained another inch on the measuring tape this month. I'm now 36.5" around at my belly button (which has passed outtie stage and now looks completely pulverized).
  • Another 5 pounds at my doctor visit a week and a half ago. That's 16 pounds total folks! Russ assures me it's all going to the baby and nowhere else, and it's true. I know I am very lucky to still be so small and not have gained weight/swelling anywhere else, but it still sounds like a lot!
  • Current craving: sausage. When I look back at this pregnancy, the only other thing I would really call a craving was CHEESE. Months 3-5 I could not get enough Colby Jack cheese. 
  • At my appointment, the doctor asked if the baby is active and Russ replied that she really likes to kick. Sure enough, as soon as he tried to listen to the heartbeat, she kicked the doppler stethoscope. It was pretty cute.
  • Only threw up once in the past month, and that was this morning (I tried to get away with not eating breakfast. Baby would have none of it).
  • Hello heartburn. Luckily it's one of the most manageable symptoms I've had.
  • My sister will be happy to know that the hair tie through the button hole just doesn't cut it anymore (and hasn't for about a month). As I predicted in my last post, I have indeed stuck to my 1 pair of maternity capris, pj pants, dresses, or skirts. Russ keeps encouraging me to buy maternity pants, but every time I look at them, I just can't do it. They look so funny!
  • I guess I passed my glucose test because I never heard back about it. I think I'm having a really easy time with pregnancy. I keep getting lucky by not having any of the worst stuff!
I didn't mean to take this picture - I was looking at where I wanted to put my hands, but I think it's sort of sweet :)


      Julia Mar said...

      You're adorable!! Seriously. I gained 40lbs so count your lucky stars.

      Kadi Abel said...

      Your hair looks sooo cute!! And youre belly too.. ;)

      Lissa said...

      I do take a perverse pleasure in knowing that you're finally having to actually wear maternity clothes now that you're 3/4 of the way done. :P I'm still grumpy that my pregnancies were harder than yours is, AND that you don't have stretch marks. But I guess my payment for having horrible pregnancies is that I have babies with tons of hair. :)

      Amanda Impett said...

      That last picture is really sweet it looks like you are hugging her already I can't wait to see her when she comes

      Jedd said...

      Are you sure you're just 6 3/4 months? If you're 30 weeks, you should only have 10 weeks left, and thus be in your 7th month. Check out this website! I'm just confused because Katrina is due on the same day and she is at the end of the 7th month. Most months have more than 4 weeks in them. Anyway, just throwin' it out there... you might be further along than you think! Keep it up!

      Garrett and Krystal said...

      You look so cute! Exciting, exciting! I'm glad you've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. You're almost there! It's crazy how fast time can go! :)

      carolyn said...

      You look adorable and I loved your shirt today!

      Megan said...

      Hooray for a smooth pregnancy! I hope it continues that way! I also wanted to say that the first picture is beautiful. Your eyes with your cardigan and that beautiful shirt, you are one beautiful happy mother.

      Rachel Lybbert said...

      You are super cute! You should seriously just break down and buy maternity pants, though. I put off buying them as well, (not as long as you, but still) and ended up regretting it. Cuz once I got some, I loved them! Yeah, they look retarded, but they're so comfortable! Way better than trying to squeeze into your regular clothes. So go buy some! I promise you'll be glad you did. :):)