Friday, August 12, 2011

7A Maeser Hall

Let me give you a little timeline of our lives last week:

Mon: Lamenting that in 2 weeks I'd have to go back to school, Russ would have a busy week with RA training, and we would probably be moving all at the same time. Bored now. Stress coming. No actual move date.

Tue: New Maeser Hall Advisor needs to move in so we're going to move to a temporary apartment. I started packing!

Wed: Had to do all the big moving in one day. Tyler and Russ moved everything. I packed and set aside things we'd need out of boxes/storage for the next 2 or so weeks.

Thur: Spent most of the day moving little stuff with our car and cleaning our old apartment.

It ended up being a really crazy week, but it did feel good to be doing SOMETHING, even if it was only a temporary move. It all happened so fast, however, that I never really got a chance to say goodbye to our apartment. Maybe that sounds weird, especially because if you've ever been to our old apartment you know how tiny 20'x20' really is and all the quirks it had (including but not limited to: accordion church-style door to our bedroom, 5 ft wide kitchen, bed in the corner because the bedroom was narrow, cinder block walls, cable coming out of a vent in the floor). That being said, it really was our HOME! We lived there for 32 out of our 36 months of marriage so far.

Here's a little nostalgia to break up all the text in this post. It seems like most of these were taken when we first moved in. The longer we lived there, the more claustrophobic I felt, so I started putting more and more extra bookshelves and decorations into storage to open up the space.
Russ modeling the accordion door
Bed against the wall - one tiny closet for both of us
Maeser Hall. Our apartment is the one sticking out in the front left.
Hallway kitchen. You couldn't get to the fridge with the dishwasher open, but at least it HAD a dishwasher!
Russ's office when we first moved in (it is so clean!)
View of the living room from the couch
We'll probably tell our kids about the days when our kitchen table folded out of the wall but not because we lived in some terrible dingy basement apartment because we're poor college students. It was a free apartment that we got with Russ's job  - a job that may not pay a ton, but it has allowed us to save quite a bit of money because of perks like a free apartment, a meal plan, and Russ essentially working where we live so that we could have one car. That being said, am I happy that now, with that same job and those same perks we're getting a BRAND NEW 2 bedroom apartment!? Why yes I am!
Thanks for the memories, Maeser Hall!


Megan said...

Yay for nostalgia! Isn't it crazy to think about living somewhere new when that's been your home as a married woman for so long?

Jason and Lissa said...

Wow, did you really live there that long? Good-bye Maeser Hall, hello more space!

Vickie said...

Hooray for more space! Ben and I lived in a tiny studio apartment south of campus for a while... I once started talking about how tiny/bad it was, and Ben had to defend it. He loved it despite its quirks (like a vine growing into the living room through the window). Good times.

Amanda Impett said...

Wow and I thought we lived in some tiny spaces lol. I know what you mean though you don't ever forget your first place together as husband and wife but yay for more room as your family grows.

Carson said...

You were very smart to take pictures to remind you of one of your first homes together. I wish I'd done that with Dad's and my first apartment in WSU student housing.

BTW, Happy Anniversary!!

Jedd said...
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