Wednesday, July 21, 2010


My face may be shiny, but my shirt says "22". HA! How appropriate. :P

Highlights of age 21:
- Celebrating 1st Anniversary with Russ!
- Teaching 1st grade in Santaquin
- Having a "salary"
- Graduating from BYU!
- Trip to Arizona for Christmas
- Trip to Spokane for Garrett and Krystal's wedding
- Trip to India to do life-changing humanitarian work
- (Barely) Surviving Hives...
- Buying a wonderful car and NOT crashing it

Things to look forward to being 22:
- 2nd Anniversary with my handsome, strong, righteous and awesome husband
- Teaching Kindergarten in Lehi!!!!!!
- Serving as 1st Counselor in our Primary Presidency :)
- Who knows? Life is so wide open with possibilities right now.

I was lucky to have my sister in town for a friend's wedding on my birthday weekend. It was good to spend time with her. Russ pampered me and got me lots of great gifts (he's really good at just picking up on things I want). We also had a small party with family and friends....but for some reason we forgot to take pictures. I wanted to make a watermelon cake, and I could have taken more time on it, but I think it still turned out to be pretty cute.

Under the list of things I look forward to being 22, you may notice that I mentioned a new calling and a new job. I'll have to post about those some time soon. All I have to say is that the Lord really does care about us and know what we want and need, but it's always on His timetable, and it's always better that way!!!!!


Carson said...

Very cute cake! I wish I could have been there to bake it for you.

You had a wonderful year last year, and next year promises to be a good one, too!

Garrett and Krystal said...

That cake is so cute! And congratulations about your job! How exciting. :)