Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Does anyone have any ideas for conquering jet lag?

On the first night...
Russ slept from 3pm until 10:30pm and then went back to sleep from about 3am until 10am.
I slept from 6pm to 9pm. Then I could NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME go back to bed until 5am.

Last night...
We were both so proud of ourselves for staying up until 10pm. Go to bed at a normal time and then maybe we'd sleep normal times, right? WRONG. We both woke up, completely refreshed at 4am.

Also, it sounds like LOTS of people read our blog while we were gone. I didn't know so many people knew it existed! So thanks! It makes us feel really special.

PS. While we were up this morning (or Russ really, since he woke up first), we read the July Ensign. If you haven't read it, you should! It is all about the church in India and the importance of going to the temple, which is exactly what the focus is for the mission out in Delhi. When we went out with the missionaries, they were doing a family home evening with a member family about the importance of going to the temple, and the family asked us to talk about being sealed.


Chris and Mary said...

Man, I always hated the jetlag flying from Utah to the East but your guys' jetlag sounds much worse :/ Hope your sleep returns to normal soon!

Carson said...

I suggest you close the rolladens and take a nice long nap during the day. That's what we did when you kids were little and we came back to Germany after a visit to the states! It will take a few days, but eventually your body will get back on schedule.