Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Love July

I absolutely LOVE the easy and cute craft kits from The Idea Closet. That is the same place I got my Lucky blocks. Here are some my friend Michele and I worked on today:

The flag is my favorite one, but the garden one has really cute embellishments. I wanted to work on gardening this summer, and since we don't have a yard, I'll consider those blocks my gardening. :P

Last weekend, Russ and I went on a double date with Bonnie and Brian (and Avery) to Pirate Island. It's a grown up Chuck-E-Cheese because it has pizza, arcade games and a fun pirate atmosphere. We had a coupon for the Kracken, the biggest pizza I've ever seen:

It was so much food, even RUSS was full.

Avery shooting pirates:

I wonder who is longer...the pizza or the baby.

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Carson said...

Sorry I didn't comment last night, but the computer froze up. Your crafts turned out awesome! I especially like all the embellishments on the "Garden" blocks.

The pirate pizza place looks like fun. In the first picture I thought the other guy was dressed as a pirate because his hat looked like a bandana!!