Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Little Obsessed

I got together with my friend Michele yesterday and we made these cute St. Patrick's Day blocks. I love how they turned out. Russ says I'm obsessed with them JUST because I drew a picture of them in my journal. :P Well...and yesterday when we were sitting on the couch I told him I wanted to sit by my blocks. BUT! Look at how cute they are! Can you blame me?

In other news, Russ is back on sugar after successfully completing an insurance health challenge SO we bought three of these suckers for my school fundraiser! We can not wait to eat them! Ironically, the cost of the tubs of cookie dough equal the amount Russ will earn from our insurance company for not eating sweets!


Elaine said...

Those blocks really are SO, SO cute! I love the font. Was it a kit, or did your friend create them?

Adri and Russ Lee said...

It was a kit. She saw it at That site has a lot of cute stuff on it.

Michele said...

yeah i love your blocks. i want dark brown letters! um... let's make craft kits every month :) for EVERY holiday! yay! anyway, it was fun to catch up with you and let me know when i can come to your class.

Jason and Lissa said...

Cute blocks, B! Jason wants to sit by them when we come to visit. :) I'm also glad to see that the health challenge Russ took failed and he will return to normal life eating sugar!