Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Week's Beginning and End

This week started early Monday morning with nightmares all night and a stressful 7am trip to turn in my Teacher Work Sample. I've worked on it off and on since September - it was 58 pages long and my final requirement for graduation.

Some of my fellow 1st grade ECE intern classmates and I turning in our hard copies!

However, I believe that the major relief of getting that project finished caused my body to shut down! I had all sorts of strange symptoms throughout the week and actually called in sick on Thursday and went to a doctor. I thought I had allergies or some sort of allergic reaction, but not so. Instead, this was the result:

1. My eyes were not getting enough oxygen and blood vessels are starting to grow over my cornea. I can't wear contacts for about a month.

2. I am getting a cold - not surprising with the weather giving us spring and then taking us back to a winter wonderland this week!

3. We have some sort of spider mites or bed bugs in our apartment. They feasted on me for 2 nights, resulting in about 45 bites on my arms and legs and MUCH itching. Last night I went to bed early because I was so exhausted...physically from scratching and mentally from constantly feeling like little tiny bugs were crawling all over me.

Russ has been an incredible help! On Thursday we went to the doctor and I had to get blood drawn. Over the past 2 years or so, I've developed quite a weak stomach, so Russ rushed across the street to get me a soda while they drew my blood. On Friday he had to cancel most of his plans to prepare for and be there when the exterminator came. I'm so lucky to have a husband like him!

On a completely unrelated note, today my cousin, Katrina, got married in the Boise Temple. We weren't able to go, but I did watch her wedding slide show, and she looks so happy! One of Russ's RAs in nearly engaged, and just seeing him light up as he talks about getting the ring and planning the wedding is really a special thing to be a part of. Weddings are truly a singular event. I've never seen people as happy as they are as in their engagement and wedding photos. I know that as you grow together as a couple you realize you didn't even know what love was when you got married and children add a new kind of joy to your life, but that doesn't change how happy you really were on your wedding day. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda Impett said...

Oh my gosh Adri I hope you are going to be okay that's scary to have happen all at once. I am glad you got your stuff done though that's got to be exciting. I know what you mean I remember my wedding day and that was almost 10 years ago I can relate every detail and I wasn't even nervous at all I think that's what tells you that it's right when it feels right. I can tell you after being an "old married lady" that love grows with you and changes as you get to different parts of your life. The same things that drew me to Damian in the first place still exist but I didn't really know what love is then I don't think you can until you go through experiences good and bad together. Best of luck as you graduate and recover.

Brianna said...

Oh my gosh, we hope you are feeling better! That is quite the week. Congrats on turning your TWS in! You are that much closer to graduating! :)

Elaine said...

HOORAY for finishing your TWS! (Just wanted to start off this comment with something besides "Oh my gosh")

I'm glad you went to the doctor so you could know for sure what was wrong. That's what doctors are for!
I hope you're feeling better by now. I'll be calling you in mere MOMENTS to get an update.