Saturday, March 20, 2010

Madness in March

Basketball is great (my bracket is beating Russ's...wahahaha), BUT I am experiencing TRUE madness this March. Hives. Or at least, I think it's hives. I believe that in my post 2 weeks ago I thought they were bug bites. Oh no. I started taking allergy medicine last Friday that all but cleared it up, but now, despite that I take it every day...this is what I woke up to on my legs:

With the medicine, it's not as itchy, but it hasn't been this bad in a week! I hope my body isn't getting used to the medicine because then I don't know WHAT I'll do!

This is what it looked like in the worst spot last week. I felt like a monster with those raised bumps. In some spots they were about 4 inches across.

According to everything I've read, hives don't have any real cause and usually last ABOUT SIX WEEKS! Well. At least I'm already 2 weeks into it....

Oh. And in other news, I cracked a tooth and had to get a crown on it (I LOVE our insurance). I've had quite the month! I'm only 21 and my body is FALLING APART!


Elaine said...

My poor baby! I can't believe you're having all these health problems at your young age. Must get it from Dad's side of the family.

Jason and Lissa said...

Welcome to adulthood. :) At least you haven't had more surgeries than Grandma like Jason has. ;)

Carson said...

Now wait a minute lady. I have enever had the hives, and did not get my frist crown until age 40 or so. I will take the blame for the headaches... Hope you get to feeling better soon Adri. If you have such good insurance, what does the doctor say about this? Sounds like you are still guessing... Love You, Dad

Brit and Steve said...

Hey Adri! I totally feel for you as I've decided being itchy is the WORST FEELING EVER. I had hives for nearly half a year when I was pregnant with Emrie. From what I can see in the picture though...they look way too big to be hives, and it might be something else. If your insurance really is good, I know a couple awesome dermatologists and an allergist that could help you out so you aren't miserable! Let me know!