Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ!

Russ's birthday this year started on Friday night when Garrett and Krystal drove though Provo on their cross-country trip to flight school. We were able to take them to the Cannon Center and then play games with them. That may be the last time we see them for a while! Then our friends, Eric and CJ, came up to Provo and decided to take us to the Quarry. It's an indoor rock climbing gym that neither Russ or I had been to before. I was a little wary of it, but it was a ton of fun. They trained us on the knots and then let us go off on our own. I wish there had been more of the easy walls because I am not a fan of feeling like I could die at ANY MOMENT :), but Russ was incredible at it (I think it helps that he's so tall). We had a TON of fun, and it was great to see the Carters again!

Most of the things we did yesterday, on Russ's actual birthday were surprises to him. It started with this:

We love the french toast from Kneaders (I think it's only around Utah, but it's a little bakery/boutique) so I decided to look up the recipe and make it myself. It doesn't look that appetizing in pictures, but trust's GOOD!

After we ate brunch, we cleaned up, lounged around for a while. Our next adventure was scheduled to start at 2:00, but Russ received a phone call from a family he Home Teaches asking for a favor. He is always willing to serve, even on his birthday. SO, we headed out a little later than planned, but it still worked out.

I just told Russ to get in the car, but he didn't know where we were headed. He listed a bunch of really good ideas that, while incorrect, I'll have to keep in mind for next year. Where we really went was to a church parking lot in Lindon to pick up our friends Brian and Bonnie, who then rode with us up to Salt Lake. We went to a really good pizza place there that we'd been talking about going to for a while and then drove home. Then Russ opened his presents and we took a nap (I think they put sleeping pills in the pizza because we were all drowsy). We woke up just in time to frantically clean the house, call family, and bake a cake before the guests arrived!

We just had a few people over to play games and eat cake. It was a lot of fun.

(we didn't have an "8" candle :D)

It was a really fun day, and (besides the three inches of snow outside) a great start to a new birth..year...


Anonymous said...

You so amazing honey! I love you. :)

The Hendricks Family said...

Adri! Where did you get the You are Special plate?!? My mom uses it too and I totally want one!

Elaine said...

I can tell Russ had a fun birthday from the expression on his face in the last picture!! You're an awesome party planner; isn't it fun to have someone special to make a fuss over and celebrate?

I'll bet it never snowed on Russ's birthday when he was growing up in Arizona.

Bonnie and Brian said...

I beg to differ.... Russ' birthday ACTUALLY started thursday night with PEACH COBBLER... c'mon, how could you forget?? :-P we're glad we could celebrate with you guys!