Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last week after I finished finals and while Russ was busy with check-outs, I flew down to Texas to visit Lissa, Jason, and KIERA! I had a lot of fun while I was there, and it was a relaxing trip. I got to take naps (not intentionally, I just fall asleep wherever I am), read some books (courtesy of Brianna :D), and was a free - and willing - babysitter! The trip was too short, but I had to get back to Russ and for school. Russ was so busy while I was gone that he recommends I go somewhere during check-outs next year too, and think I will! Here is my trip summed up in pictures:

Going to church!

Crawling and then pausing for a photo shoot :)

What she did most: get into things she wasn't supposed to and eat things (even that VHS!)

Eating solids (prunes, gross!) and watching Baby Einstein about the solar system

This is one of my favorites. She wanted to play AND watch her movie at the same time.


Jason and Lissa said...

What an ADORABLE niece you have! I think you need to come here again next time there are checkouts. :-D

Jason and Lissa said...

I love your blog post! Great topic! We enjoyed having you visit. Hopefully, you can stay longer next time.


Carson said...

Adorable pictures; there can never be too many Kiera pictures to look at! I'm glad you were able to go and spend time with your big sis and her cute family.