Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Better than a Trust Fall

This past weekend, Russ let me cut his hair. It was a very tense experience for him, but I now know how much he trusts me. Sure there were threats like, "If I have one bald spot I am shaving my head bald" and "Please please please please please don't cut my ears. I have had my ears cut too many times! Those scissors will cut skin", as well as many clamped jaws, BUT my lack of confidence probably didn't help much either.
DISCLAIMER: Neither of these pictures are very flattering, but just focus on the hair!

In the end, it was a lot shorter than he had intended it to be (I think the clippers we used were numbered differently or something), but it still looks good. Actually, now when I just see him out of the corner of my eye, I think he's my brother!

Although that is a creepy/stalkerish picture of my brother, you can still see the comparison. I do have other pictures of Tyler, but most of the time he makes faces so I cropped this candid picture.

In other news, I had another cake decorating and floral design class, so here are my newest creations..........

floral foam design

look at the cute little clowns!

I made 3 other ones but donated them to a Special Education Prom... although I only had my cell phone, technology today is really cool, so they looked something like this:

cala lily boutonniere, carnation boutonniere, and wildflower boutonniere


Lissa said...

What pretty flowers and a yummy cake! I think you have more cake decorating talent than me!

Okay, before you even said it, I totally thought Russ's hair looked like Tyler's! I guess Tyler can come to you for free haircuts now.

Carson said...

Now Tyler and Russ look like twins-they should enter a contest. THe flowers and cake are so pretty. I'm glad you're able to have some fun classes this spring.

cosmoismyhero said...

I love it! looks great hunny! :)