Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life is Good

Although there is still a week of classes, I only have Thursday and Friday and then I'm done - well, plus finals!!!!! This is my last semester of classes, but I signed up for Spring classes for fun. Here are the classes I signed up for:

Astronomy. Floral arranging. Golf.

Russ and I are taking golf class together! Time to put all the Wii golf to good use :)

But this is how I am getting ready for finals:

That's right! With those 3 staples of life, who needs this?...

Russ isn't getting ready for finals, but he must be celebrating being alive because he just bought one of these:In summary, life is good.


Carson said...

Awww, I thought you were going to say life is good because your Mom and Dad came to visit you last week!!

Jason and Lissa said...

Glad you get to take some fun classes! I always wanted to take the floral arrangement one. You'll have to give me some tips!

Jamie Ward said...

I've been dying to take Astromony!! when are you taking it? I might have to join you!!