Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#7 Nigeria: Our House

 The front door and entry

They installed the wooden baby gates for us - we're so grateful for them

We will go upstairs first. Doors from left to right: our room, linen closet, girls' bathroom, laundry room, Grace's room and Sophia's room

Sophia's room. There's also a wall of built-in drawers and closets

Grace's room - we are borrowing a mosquito net for her because she's gotten so many bug bites while sleeping :(

Kid bathroom

 Master bedroom

Master bathroom

Back downstairs...
Kitchen - we have two refrigerators

Dining room, a happy Grace, and the one Valentine decoration I brought

Living room

 Back yard
 View of the house from the back yard

Garage - typically people have an easy chair, side table, and fan in there for the driver to hang out. Hopefully we will be able to get something like that for ours

Everyone is identified by their house number here, but for memory sake, here is the name of our street (not gonna lie - it's not the best name in the neighborhood :D)

 Behind our back yard is this small alley connecting the back yards of 6 houses. The wall on the left is to our back yard. The wall on the right is the outer wall of the compound.

Grace must have noticed our stewardess sweeping, and now she loves sweeping, too! 

Almost every suitcase had at least 30 diapers shoved into the front pockets. (This is half of the diaper mountain we unpacked)

All 4 drawers of this dresser are diapers and wipes :) They'll last us about 4 months.

Before the suitcases were even unpacked, we had curtains up and wall decals in the girls' rooms and family pictures sticky tacked to the walls downstairs. :) Nothing makes me feel at home faster than curtains and pictures! (Picture by Sophia)

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Carson said...

It's so interesting to see what your house looks like! It looks nice and big on the inside, and looks like our house in Japan on the outside. The picture of the alley between both walls is pretty scary. "Pygmy Goose Place"--makes you wonder why they chose that name for a street!!