Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#8 Nigeria: Preschool for Sophia and One-on-One time for Grace

Standing by the bus on her first day. They normally have uniforms, but it was color week last week

She started on Tuesday and when I went on Friday to pick up my parent ID badge, she was already running off. She knew just where to go.

Standing by her classroom

it's so hot and humid here, the lens fogs up on the first picture (you can also see that in the first picture of Sophia and I at school) :)

Waving goodbye!

For the first week or so we were here, we were unsure whether or not Sophia would be able to attend preschool because we are on tourist visas and Russ is on a Temporary Work Visa. Luckily, she is! I was originally worried about it because it's 5 days a week, all day, and she's never done anything close to that. But it's been just over a week, and, knock on wood, she LOVES it. She is so happy to go in the morning, and she talks about her day the whole way home from the bus in the afternoon - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Grace and I walk her to the bus at 8:20 each morning, wave goodbye as the bus pulls out, and I pick her up from the bus stop at about 3:15. The hardest part for me so far has been packing a lunch each day. At home, we normally eat leftovers or macaroni or something else that requires a microwave. :) School itself is actually from 9:30 to 2:30, so the bus ride can be pretty long.

I am glad Sophia is having such a good time, and I'm also pretty fond of the two hours of quiet I have each day when she's gone and Grace is napping. :) It's also nice to have one-on-one time with Grace. So far, we gone for walks, on playdates, play with her toys, to toddler soccer (she's the youngest one there so half the time she's wandering around aimlessly, but it's seriously hilarious to see how much fun she's having). The "little pal" stage from about 1-2 is so much fun!

One morning after dropping Sophia off at the bus, Grace wanted out of the stroller and we spent 45 minutes walking home (it's normally about a 5 minute walk). She had fun picking flowers, chasing after lizards, saying "hi" to people, jumping in puddles (made from drivers washing the cars - it's only rained one morning since we've been here), and exploring the neighborhood. She would've stayed at the drinking fountain forever. Do all kids have an "I love water" stage? Both of mine have.

Debuting Grace's first real ponytail. :) It was so cute. It curls itself into a perfect little bun.

Baby soccer, compete with soccer shorts and pigtails :D :D :D

And here's a video - because I couldn't resist. Running to retrieve and stack these cones is her favorite part of soccer practice.


Lissa said...

I finally caught up on all your Nigeria posts! First, I LOVE GRACIE'S PONYTAIL(S)!

I'm glad Sophia is enjoying school and seems to be adapting well to her new home.

Good thing you're used to going to and living in foreign countries, so you can roll with all the things that are different from America. It really makes you appreciate all we have. We Americans are pretty spoiled!

Carson said...

So, I pretty much want to say "ditto" to everything Lissa said.

Sophia and Grace are looking so grown-up, and it's only been about six weeks since we last saw them! I'm glad you're able to have some quality time alone with Grace. That's a special treat for the two of you.

The video of Grace at her soccer practice is PRICELESS!