Saturday, February 13, 2016

#9 Nigeria: Life in Pictures (Month1)

In some ways, it's crazy that it's already been a month because I still feel like we're trying to get our routine and figure things out. But on the other hand, learning to settle in here is so all-consuming that it feels like we've been here forever. Here are some pictures from throughout the month...
Russ got a huge, and I mean HUGE and yummy cake from his boss to welcome him on his first day. 

We went to the clinic to meet the doctor and came home with all this! It's vitamins, tylenol, cough medicine, antihistamines, and other stuff to help with the runny noses and coughs we went in with. :) Apparently most medicines here are single purpose (whereas in the states they'll combine to treat multiple symptoms).

Sophia took some pictures, and this one is really cute! It shows Grace with the security objects she had when we first got here: her two binkies! Now she's back to just using them at night. She also may have been teething. This late-teeth-bloomer has gotten FIVE teeth in the month we've been here, putting her total at 12 (which is still several months behind what she should have, I think).

Sophia and her milk-mustache selfie!

The fat stack of 1,000 bills we had set aside for church before realizing we could still pay tithing online. Whew. We were glad we didn't have to fit all that into tithing envelopes :)

This is the first time Sophia has written this much. I was so proud of her!

Hot. Humid. Hazy. Yep. That's the weather every day.

I love it when Sophia helps Grace :)

A few weekends ago, there was a Children's Dance on camp. They had a fancy dinner and a dance. It was cute to see Grace at the fancy table with her bib and sippy cup :)

Daddy Daughter song! 

It was VERY hot, but we still had fun dancing the night away!

Sophia was so happy in all these pictures, I couldn't choose which ones to post!

Grace had fun, too!

I went shopping and out to lunch with a few ladies and tried suya again. This one wasn't as spicy, so it was much better. :) I'd describe this one sort of like schnitzel, whereas the first one I had was more like extremely spicy beef jerky

I don't know what prompted this expression, but Grace has developed a fabulous stink face. So basically, now that her cheeks aren't so big that she looks like grumpy cat all the time, she still found a way to be a grumpy cat when she's mad at us!

Grace posing before the dance with a hat Sophia brought home from a birthday party

Sophia at the park!

I wanted to take a picture of Sophia and her new friend swinging, but I also wanted to show the nannies at the park. This was a rare instance when our stewardess was not pushing Grace in the swing. Grace loves those swings!

Grace is slowly starting to get more used to nursery - which is sunbeams here because they have an hour long lesson followed by joining the older kids for singing and sharing time. Sitting for that long is a lot of ask of 18 month - 3 year olds, especially when they have those toys in the back of the room there that never get used! Both at church and on the camp, all the other kids her age are boys. 

This sweet ride belongs to another boy in camp. Grace sure looks like tough stuff riding it with that binky! She actually really liked pressing the foot pedal, but never figured out steering, so she was a dangerous driver!

Sophia tested it out, too! She was a much safer driver, as you might imagine...

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Carson said...

Wow, so many interesting pictures. It really helps to give us an idea of what life is like for you there. Both girls look so happy and excited at the dance. That stack of tithing money is pretty impressive, and Sophia's handwriting is looking good. You need to post a picture of Grace showing off those new front teeth you mentioned in the blog. I also love the picture of Grace in her Primary class. It would be cool to get a picture of all the Primary children together with your two blonde little girls in the group!