Friday, October 10, 2014

Sophia is THREE!

Our little girl is 3! Officially a "preschooler" instead of a "toddler". Sophia is sweet, creative, observant, hilarious, generally pretty obedient, fun-loving, timid in new situations, smart... and a little bossy (sometimes I call her "little dictator"). She brings so much joy to our family. We are so, so glad to call her ours. 

I didn't mean to put this video first, but it's too much work to drag it to the end :)

The minute Russ and I walked into her room this morning to sing, she said, "It's my BIRTHDAY!" We celebrated last weekend, but she was a little confused about why her friends weren't coming over again and why she wasn't getting another cake. Tonight when she went to bed she asked Russ (a little disappointed), "Is my birthday over now?" Russ had the day off today, so we went to the zoo as a family. I never thought it'd still be 90 degrees on her birthday, but it didn't stop her from having a great time. Her favorite part was riding the carousel. In the car on the way there, she said, "I'm growing bigger! Means I'm almost a grown up!" I said, "Yep, only 15 more years until you're a grown-up." She seemed pretty satisfied with that response. haha

Sophia had a Daniel Tiger birthday party with a few little friends. She wanted to invite "all my friends from pee-school and my nursery friends. I can't remember their names", but I told her she could only invite 3. She did tell me she wanted a pink trolley birthday cake. Sophia had a really fun time with her friends and LOVED her birthday. It's pretty fun she's old enough now to understand and get excited about this special day. Every time she opened a gift, she'd say, "Oh WOOOOOWWW!", but she was terrified of the candle on her birthday cake. (Note: She was also terrified of the candle on a birthday treat at a restaurant. Tonight we had cupcakes at home, she finally blew out the candle, and she was pretty dang proud of herself.)
The party was in the morning, so we had some of Sophia's favorite foods that could double as snack foods: applesauce, tomatoes, crackers, cheese, and strawberries.

Oh the difference a year makes!

Poor Grace - we woke her up for this picture. haha

One of the gifts was Daniel Tiger character toys, and Daniel was just the right size for the cake!

We had a picnic...

and played in a fort - just like Daniel Tiger.

To remember Sophia at this age, I asked her about a few of her favorite things. Some of her answers surprised me, but when dealing with a 3 year old, I'm not sure the answers were100% accurate. :) Here are her answers, and the answers in ( ) are what I thought she'd say.
  • What is your name? Sophia
  • How old are you? 3
  • Favorite color? pink
  • Favorite thing to eat? Pancakes (macaroni)
  • Favorite thing to drink? Chocolate milk (juice)
  • Favorite thing to do outside/ at the park? Slide (swing)
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? Sofia the First
  • Favorite animal? Monkey (panda)
  • Favorite church song? As I Have Loved You (I Am a child of God)
  • Favorite thing to wear? Yellow dress (yellow tutu)
  • What do you like to have with you when you go to bed? Binky (binky, blanket, April)
  • What makes you laugh? Gracie
  • Favorite thing to watch? Tangled (Daniel Tiger / Caillou)
  • Favorite thing to do with Mommy? Play in living room
  • Favorite thing to do with Daddy? Tickle
  • Favorite thing to do with Grace? laugh
Sorry for the couple repeat pictures.


Rachel said...

Goodness she is so cute! Miss that girl! I love that her favorite thing to do with you is play in the living room 😊 and great job on the cake! So cute!

Carson said...

The video turned out soo well, and I'm glad you found a way to be in it at the end. I could really see how she'd changed from the beginning of the video to the end. It was especially cute how she said her name at the beginning of the video and then said it correctly at the end.

The photo shoot pictures you took last Sunday also were adorable. Sophia is such a sweet and cooperative little girl! I'm so glad I could be there last week and spend some time with her and baby Grace.