Saturday, October 25, 2014

Four Months Old

*Because you know I'm all about that Grace, 'bout that Grace (and Sophia). I'm all about that Grace, 'bout that Grace (and Sophia)* Better lyrics for that song, I think. :D

Height: 24.75"
Weight: 14lb 1oz 
Head: 16.14"
(Half an inch longer than Sophia, head an inch bigger, and a little more than a pound heavier)

At 4 months, Grace...
- is chunky. She's got such cute, big thighs, little wrist rolls and dimples on her fingers and elbows.
- wears some 0-3, mostly 3-6 and size 2 diapers.
- finally has a bedtime routine, and now she goes to bed between 8-9pm. She still wakes up 2x a night, but has a pretty regular eating schedule during the day.
- takes 3 naps a day (longest in afternoon, others about 30 minutes)
- takes medicine for acid reflux after about 10 days eating and sleeping so poorly we went to the pediatrician to see what was going on.
- loves sucking on her hands and reaching up to touch her hair.
- is very social. Usually when Grace is fussy, it's because she's bored (sorry, second child). All she wants is to be held and given 100% of our attention. :) Then she'll calm down, smile, babble back and forth, laugh and make lots of cute sounds. My cheeks often hurt from smiling when I play with her. She's just so cute!
- likes being held facing out and standing up so she can see what's going on around her.
- hates tummy time.
- already has light blue eyes (the same color as Sophia's)
- all the sudden, she turns her head to the right without any pain, and sleeps with her head to the right just as much as the left. After 4 months of stretches, chiropractor visits and moving her head when she sleeps, that's a cause for celebration in our house! Hopefully it'll help her flat head. We were referred to a specialist to see if she needs a helmet. :( It doesn't look like it's getting worse, but the left side is still definitely flattened. The pediatrician noted how it affects the front of the face. One ear is way higher than the other!! I can't believe we never noticed that before!
- Differences with Grace and Sophia: Sophia was sleeping 8-10 hours at night by 4 months, Grace does not have a bald spot in the back (wahoo!), and I was giving Sophia a couple ounces of formula every day by this age. 

 Not very many 3 month olds get bedhead!

Grace wasn't very excited to be re-united with Grandma. She instantly got a big lip and cried every time she saw Grandma the first day. Then she warmed up, but it was pretty hilarious.
Nothing quite as nice as holding a sleeping baby.
 Sometimes I call Grace "Little Face" because....look at that cute, squishy little face!!
Sophia reading Grace bedtime stories
Sophia playing restaurant (supervised, of course)
We strategically place her so she has to look to the right to play with us or see toys
Dancing with Daddy
Trying so hard to get that hand into her mouth, but it's stuck on her toy
Moved her bed into the closet last week, and she's finally sleeping in her bed all night (instead of the rocker). Now she has her "own room". :P

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Carson said...

I miss this little cutie pie so much! She's such a doll, but I wish she was sleeping better for you. Sure wish I lived closer so I could give you a break now and then.

I can't believe you caught on film that sad little face she made when I looked at her! It's funny that it happened more than once. At least she stopped doing it once she got used to me.

I'm so grateful you post these monthly updates so I can see how Gracie is changing, and see fun pictures of your family!