Friday, October 17, 2014

Houston Home

Our time in Houston is already more than half-way over, but I finally got around to taking the last of the apartment tour pictures. It really shouldn't have taken so long because we hurried to unpack and hang pictures since we knew Grace would be born shortly after our move. It's finny - the thing that took the longest was finding enough and big enough curtains for our many tall, wide windows.

It's different to live in a gated complex with a parking garage, but I guess that's city livin'. :) The apartment is really roomy, fancy, and a great home for us while we're here. It's also right on the bus route, so Russ can take the bus to and from work. I realized I've been pretty lazy about my seasonal decorating because we don't really have people over. It's a sad change from the numerous girls nights and get-togethers we always had with our friends in Minneapolis.

After walking in, there's a small entryway. Then it opens up to the kitchen on your left, living/dining area in front of you, and a nice big desk/laundry area, Sophia's room, and the 2nd bathroom tucked away on the right. (Sophia calls that whole area the "'nother part of my room")
linen closet, Sophia's room, 2nd bathroom, laundry
desk, linen closet
Sophia's bathroom
Dining area
Living Room and door to balcony
Living room and door to master bedroom
Master bedroom
Huge, awesome walk-in closet
And the cutest part: the girls' room, which is really just Sophia's room + Grace's stuff + crib Grace probably won't use while we live here (or at least until she sleeps through the night)

Sophia's "big girl bed" and moving box playhouse :D

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