Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Three Months Old

Grace has the chubbiest cheeks and the softest hair in all the land! We love our 3 month old!

Is one picture ever really enough? I think not...

At 3 months, Grace
- laughs! She laughed for the first time last week, but they're few and far between still.
- weighs 13lbs according to our scale at home.
- is very smiley and coos back and forth with us a lot. She also tries to copy us if we stick out our tongues or buzz our lips. It's adorable.
- has no trouble getting her gas out... at either end. haha
- cries or rolls herself over to avoid tummy time. 
- looovvvess white noise app (favorite sound is a vacuum) and the swing (2 things Sophia was NOT a fan of) in addition to her binky and being swaddled when sleeping.
- discovered her hands and loves sucking on them.
- continued to be fussy every evening. We call it her "dark time". We never know what she wants, and trying to figure it out is exhausting.
- is wearing 0-3 month clothes, but some are getting snug on her
- is not an awesome napper. She takes one solid afternoon nap, and otherwise takes anywhere from 15-45 minute naps 3 other times a day. Her nighttime sleep is very inconsistent. Anywhere from 4-9 hours, and slept through the night once! (total fluke, unfortunately)
- still favors turning her head to the left, but is getting a lot better about turning both directions

Laughing video:

I'm not sure if she realizes she has hands, but she does know how to put them in her mouth!

Hooray for the swing! For most naps, I hold her and swing her until she falls asleep, but it's sure nice to have the option to let the swing do the work when I am cooking dinner or doing something for Sophia.
Just thought this was sweet. Sophia was serenading Grace. 

haha This is such an awful picture with a messy bedroom and a "nakie"Sophia, but I noticed the size difference and thought the size comparison was too good to not get a picture of. 


Jason and Lissa said...

Aww, baby Grace is getting so big! I'm glad that the first time she laughed was at my house. :)

Carson said...

I just updated our blog, then looked at your blog and realized I hadn't commented on this post.

I love the video of Grace laughing; she's such a little cutie! Definitely a round face like her cousins Kiera and Savannah had at that age. I'm glad Sophia is still happy to have a little sister and wants to play with baby Grace.