Friday, December 14, 2012

14 Months

 Sophia is 14 months old!!! She walks. She does sign language. She understands things. I find myself saying "no" more often. She throws mini-temper tantrums. She must be a toddler!

Here are a couple 14 month pictures / a preview of the Christmas-y photo shoot I did of my little Christmas angel. (As always, she asked to wear her hat...)

- Weighs 22.0 lbs on our scale at home. Wears 12 or 18 month clothes, size 4 shoes and size 3 diapers.
- Eats 3 meals a day with me/us, and eats whatever we're eating. Drinks 3 bottles a day, but would drink "mama" ALL day if I gave it to her every time she asked for it. She is getting a lot better at drinking juice from her sippy cup, but she still doesn't want to drink milk out of it.

  Sophia loves carrying around her Sophia-sized teddy bear. Unfortunately, it was harder to take up the stairs than she thought, but it didn't stop her from trying.

- Sophia has been getting better and better at walking, and I noticed the other day that in just a month, she's gone from primarily crawling to not crawling much at all. Grandma and Grandpa are going to be surprised at how much she's changed even from when we visited them a month ago!
 As a "hooray! You can walk!" present, I gave Sophia the baby stroller Aunt Lissa got for her birthday. As you can imagine, she's not great at steering, so she mostly pushes her baby into walls and chairs...

- It has been getting pretty chilly here, so we haven't had trips to the park or stroller rides like we did before, but instead we've begun having a couple play-dates with other toddlers in the ward. I hope that's something we'll continue!
 Bundling up for a family home evening walk

 The world's cutest little bear! I really appreciate having this in Minnesota. Now that there's snow on the ground, we need to get a tiny snow suit!

- Tragically, I think Sophia is moving from 2 naps to 1. This is a hard transition, and I'm not even sure if it's really happening since she's also been really thrown off by having at least 2 molars coming in. Lately, she takes a late morning nap and I think, 'Maybe this will be a long nap for the whole day', but it's not much longer than usual. Then shes happy and plays in her crib but won't sleep in the afternoon, but gets tired and cranky just before dinner. So we put her down for a late, short nap, but then she won't go to bed until way late, causing her to sleep in late's a vicious cycle. Oh well. At least I don't have to work so I can cater to her schedule while we get it figured out.

- I was really confused one morning when I looked at the monitor and saw black spots in Sophia's crib. Turned out, they were books! Almost every day since then, Sophia pulls the box of books over to her crib, pulls them in through the bars, and flips through the pages - humming to herself -while she's falling asleep.

- There still isn't much going on in the speech department. Sophia will inconsistently say "ball", "mom", "dada", "hi", and a few other words. She understands a LOT of words. The words she can sign consistently are: "more", "eat", "drink", "hat", "all done", "milk", "baby", "please".

- Sophia is definitely developing more of a personality. She is a lot more playful and smiley, but she can also get very mad when she doesn't get what she wants. Shopping trips are good examples of this. For a while, she'll sit in the cart and hand the shopping list back and forth to me, but if I ever let her feet touch the ground, she's gone. If I try to put her back in the cart, she twists her legs to get free and cries. Yesterday, I let her roam around a kid's store, and she was in heaven. She was walking up and down the aisles, walking up to other kids and offering them her bottle, saying "hi" to people (which for her is nodding while making a little "heh" sound), carrying around toys...but when it was time she go, she was not very happy with me.

- It also seems like she's fascinated by putting things in things and taking them out again: like her books, her clothes, and the silverware in our dishwasher. While we were setting up the Christmas tree, Sophia literally didn't even notice while she spent 45 MINUTES carrying spoons back and forth between two tables and singing. I think she's destined to be an organizer, like her mama.

 Testing out the "big girl" car seat. Or as we call it: the throne.

 Little goose doesn't know how to sit in her highchair. She got that from her mommy!

 Watching the Christmas Devotional. Everyone had their own chair - a big couch for daddy, a recliner for mommy, and a baby bouncer for Sophia. :)


Jason and Lissa said...

I don't even know where to begin! So many awesome pictures! Yes, she is a toddler now, not a baby--and the tantrums will only get worse. :) She's so cute! I'm glad that she can use the stroller now for her baby.

Carson said...

Love those cute pictures!! Cant wait to ssee her in person in a few days!
Love Dad