Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Time: Part One

I LOVE this picture. I think it looks like it belongs in a magazine.
We wanted to do a few Christmas-y things in Minneapolis and one of them was the Hollidazzle Parade. I didn't get a good picture of it, but basically, it's a mini parade that goes through the mall downtown at night so the floats and people walking are all lit up. The evening we went was a little rainy, so we watched from one of the skyways - Minneapolis's great idea of connecting streets and buildings so you don't have to go out in the winter. Another cool thing about living here is the public transportation. We got to take the bus to and from the parade for free! While in the area, we popped over to Macy's to see a huge Santa's workshop display on the 8th floor (I only mention that detail because we didn't find the elevator so Russ carried the stroller on the escalator that whole way). Other than that, here are some of the Christmas things we did take pictures of!

We took Sophia to sit on Santa's lap. As I sat her down, I told him, "I'm really hoping she freaks out." And she did. It will be such a fun picture to look back on. 
He tried to win her over by showing a little gift for her, which was was interested in while he unwrapped it, but then cried again. :)
We decorated our Christmas tree with Sophia's help:
It may look like Sophia is helping me put the ornament on the tree, but really, she is gripping it tightly because it's a ball and she wants to play with it.
We put a couple non-breakable ornaments on the very bottom of the tree for Sophia's enjoyment.
Sophia always pulls her hat over one eye.
We put up some Christmas decorations:
Jerusalem and Germany
Our stockings were hung by the air conditioner box with care...
I decided not to do too many decorations in our apartment, so this corner is about it for my "seasonal decorations"

And now, the Christmas pictures of Sophia!

Luckily, she had more smiles for the camera than when I did her 12 month pictures!
Hooray! So many balls!
So excited to open a present with her baby in it!

I didn't realize quite so many of those pictures included the hat. Most of the pictures where she's not wearing the hat, she was signing "hat". :)

The day after I bought some baby snow boots and a little snowsuit, I let Sophia walk around outside for a bit. I was surprised that once we got home, she kept bringing me her coat, wanting to go outside again. So I  brought my camera along.
 So much pink!! Even a tiny pink nose!

hahah she was so bundled up that the few times she fell, she just dragged herself along the sidewalk because she couldn't get back up! I don't like the cold, but dressing a baby for the snow is FUN!
Christmas also signifies the end of Russ's first semester of grad school! Wow! It went by really fast. After his finals were over, we hopped on a plane to visit my parents in Virginia. Sophia did a really great job on the plane, and I had a LOT less anxiety about flying since I wasn't doing it alone. So far our visit has been pretty relaxing and full of goodies and late-night netflix watching. :)
Sophia "helping" make cookies. Look at her little hand on Grandma's knee :)
Grandma has got lots of fun Christmas decorations for her to get into. She loved carrying around this present and playing with the balls in it.
All ready to check out some Christmas lights around town
 Pictures in front of the Christmas tree:
I didn't have a Christmas dress for Sophia, but instead of buying one to wear one time, I made some felt flowers and mom attached them to a dress she already had. I think it turned out pretty cute!
Merry Christmas Eve!


Megan said...

You guys are so cute and that little girl of yours fits right in. There are a handful of beautiful images of her and your family picture is great. Thanks for documenting and sharing. and way to make it through one semester of grad school Russ!

Stinson Clan said...

I LOVE the pictures of her in her snow suit. She's such a little person now! I'm glad you're having fun in VA!