Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Time: Part Two

Christmas Eve. We acted out the nativity story with Sophia as Mary, Russ as Joseph, Mom narrating, Dad as the donkey (his usual role as I remember it from my childhood) and a baby doll as baby Jesus.
caught Sophia Mary mid-blink
carrying "baby Jesus" oh so reverently
Grandma has a Sophia-sized tree!
Christmas. My parents did a great job with the traps on Christmas morning. They always set traps, and this year they did a pinterest-inspired balloon avalanche on both Sophia's room and Russ and my room. Sophia slept in until 10 so after we opened gifts, we had just enough time to clean up before some old family friends came over for brunch. Later that afternoon, Russ and I took advantage of having grandparents around and went to see Les Mierables. We were really looking forward to seeing it, and it didn't disappoint!
 My favorite Christmas tradition: traps!

Sophia doesn't look very impressed with Christmas in this picture
Sophia's bracelets
she also got a purse for Christmas, which she filled with her bracelets and the nativity pieces
Washington DC. We drove into DC with mom to meet up with our good friends, the Killions (who we hadn't seen for over 3.5 years). Unfortunately, it was miserable weather, so after meeting up for lunch, we headed over to the nearby Postal Museum and hung out there for a bit. It was wonderful to see the Killions again - not only to catch up but also meet Cate! Sophia had a really good time trying to keep up with the big girls.
Like I said, Sophia had fun with the big girls :)
Mail Stagecoach
Sophia's FAVORITE part of the Postal Museum. Russ and I took her on that escalator at least half a dozen times.
After we said goodbye to the Killions, we met up with Dad after he was done with work and went to see the lights at the zoo. It was a dark, cold, wet night, and, come to think of it, we really didn't see hardly ANY animals (like, maybe 5 in the entire zoo). We still had fun, though!
Sophia missed her nap with our busy day, so sometimes she just laid down on the floor for a couple seconds. Poor girl!

Williamsburg and Yorktown. We drove down to beautiful Colonial southern Virginia to meet up with some old family friends, the Andrews, and look at some Christmas decorations and the Yorktown Victory Center. I LOVED driving around Williamsburg - it was so beautiful with everything brick and old-fashioned. 
All the girls and the kids
Candid. You can tell I love that little girl!
Sophia found a tiny chair, took all the books off of it, and made herself at home.
Grandma and Grandpa Carson
This is how Sophia would charm Grandma and Grandpa. Not sure where she picked up the cock-head-and-smile pose, but we love it!
Sophia was NOT very happy about being a cannon ball :)
Sometimes when exploring with a toddler who wants to walk but doesn't always go the way you're going, "1-2-3 JUMP" is the best way to get around!
We're sure glad we were able to visit Virginia. One of my favorite things we did on our trip was that mom and I went to a fabric store and bought everything we needed to sew two skirts I saw on Pinterest. I was mom's lovely assistant while she did most of the "heavy lifting", and I think they turned out REALLY CUTE! It was a wonderful and relaxing trip, and it was so nice to be out of the COLD COLD COLD Minnesota weather. Since being home, Sophia does (her version of) the sign for "grandpa", and gets excited when she sees Grandma and Grandpa in their Christmas card picture. We had a quiet new year's eve with a sick Sophia and plan to get lots of projects done this week while Russ is home. Next week, we head to Arizona!!


Stinson Clan said...

I love ALL THE PICTURES! But Sophs as Mary is awesome, especially her reverently carrying baby Jesus. I'm glad Dad could reprise his role as the donkey! :) I love her face on the cannonball one. Looks like you had a busy, fun time!

Carson said...

After reading this post it'll be obvious to everyone what an awesome Dad you have, who made Christmas really special for you!

BTW, it was me who put up the "pinterest inspired" balloon trap over the doors.
Love, Mom

Rachel said...

Ahhhh! I was going to do the balloon avalanche for Russ's birthday! Not anymore I guess! I miss that cute girl! Give her a high five for me. :)

Garrett and Krystal said...

So many fun pictures! It looked like you all had a fun time. I love that Sophia loved the escalator! And I completely agree. 1-2-3 jump is one of the best ways to get around when your little. :)